LEVERAGE – The Devil’s Turn + all Japan edition bonus tracks (2018)

LEVERAGE - The Devil's Turn + all Japan edition bonus tracks (2018) full

Finnish band LEVERAGE was one of the finest melodic metal acts from the past decade, and now almost 10 years since their last album they return with “The Devil’s Turn”, their comeback EP released by Frontiers Music, an advance from the full length to be released by the Italian label in 2019.

Leverage landed on the scene in 2006 with the release of their debut album ‘Tides’. With their blend of symphonic / progressive metal and melodic rock, Leverage generated a buzz among rock and metal fans and was signed by Frontiers for the release of their second album, “Blind Fire”, in 2008.
The band’s third album, “Circus Colossus”, was released via Spinefarm in 2009, but the band became inactive not too long afterwards.

Now, after a near decade of hibernation, Leverage is back with an amazing new singer, Kimmo Blom (from AOR band Urban Tale) and a new guitar player, Mikko Salovaara. The EP “The Devil’s Turn, serve as an introduction to the new Leverage line-up as well as an appetizer for the band’s forthcoming fourth album.
The songs on the EP were written over a period of several years, with ‘Dead Man’s Hand’ being the oldest song and ‘Children Of Skyfall’ the most recent. With those two plus ‘The Unicorn’ and ‘Wheels From Hell’, the EP covers a pretty wide range musically.

According to producer, guitarist and main songwriter Tuomas Heikkinen: “It’s all heavy rock, not any form of power metal. Not that there’s anything wrong with prog metal or power metal or whatever, but right now we feel that we want to capture something that is recorded with a live feel, with no exaggerated choirs or orchestrations all over the place”

Indeed, the songs on “The Devil’s Turn” are straighforward rockers, melodic and with the band’s usual pristine sound, but more direct and accessible than before.
As example, ‘Wheels From Hell’, is quite ‘old-school’ with double guitar solos and all that.

LEVERAGE - The Devil's Turn + all Japan edition bonus tracks (2018) inside

The band also released a standalone single some weeks ago titled ‘Red Moon Over Sonora’, and to make this Leverage feature here more complete, we have added all (6) bonus tracks from the band’s Japanese edition of their three previous full length albums.
Highly Recommended

01 – Dead Man’s Hand
02 – Wheels from Hell
03 – The Unicorn
04 – Children of Skyfall
05 – Red Moon Over Sonora (2018 standalone single)
06 – Mean And Evil (Circus Colossus Japanese Bonus Track)
07 – Walk On Home (Circus Colossus Japanese Bonus Track)
08 – Yesterdays (Blind Fire Japanese Bonus Track)
09 – Rockethead (Blind Fire Japanese Bonus Track)
10 – Waterfall (Tides Japanese Bonus Track)
11 – Land Of Flames (Tides Japanese Bonus Track)

Kimmo Blom – vocals
Mikko Salovaara – guitars
Tuomas Heikkinen – guitars
Sami Norrbacka – bass
Valtteri Revonkorpi – drums
Marko Niskala – keyboards


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