CINDERELLA – The Mercury Years [5-CD Box Set remastered] (2018)

CINDERELLA - The Mercury Years [5-CD Box Set remastered] (2018) full

Caroline Records / BMG just released a CINDERELLA 5-CD box set titled “The Mercury Years” which brings together all four of the band’s studio albums with the label: 1986’s Night Songs, 1988’s Long Cold Winter, 1990’s Heartbreak Station and 1994’s Still Climbing, plus a bonus disc with hard to find B-sides and Live tracks.
The whole thing has been remastered by Andy Pearce from the Rock Candy Records headquarters.

The collection has been put together in collaboration with Cinderella vocalist and guitarist Tom Keifer, housed in a clamshell box.
It contains a 16-page booklet featuring a new interview with Keifer by journalist Malcolm Dome (Rock Candy Records), where they discuss the band’s history and legacy.

CINDERELLA - The Mercury Years [5-CD Box Set remastered] (2018) booklet

CINDERELLA - The Mercury Years [5-CD Box Set remastered] (2018) box back

So, this is a Rock Candy Records product, and while we have featured here at 0dayrox a remaster from some of these essential Cinderella albums, this Box is must listen.

You get all the B-side singles from Cinderella’s golden years, but of special interest as well, there’s the band’s 4th excellent (and underrated) album “Still Climbing” remastered for the first time.
For U$D 21, this “The Mercury Years” Box Set is a A MUST HAVE

CD 1: Night Songs +4 remastered
01. Night Songs
02. Shake Me
03. Nobody’s Fool
04. Nothin’ for Nothin’
05. Once Around the Ride
06. Hell On Wheels
07. Somebody Save Me
08. In from the Outside
09. Push, Push
10. Back Home Again
Bonus Tracks:
11. Nobody’s Fool (Single Edit)
12. Shake Me (from “The Live EP”)
13. Galaxy Blues (from “The Live EP”)
14. Night Songs (from “The Live EP”)

CD 2 : Long Cold Winter +2 remastered
01. Bad Seamstress Blues/Fallin’ Apart
02. Gypsy Road
03. Don’t Know What You Got
04. The Last Mile
05. Second Wind
06. Long Cold Winter
07. If You Don’t Like It
08. Coming Home
09. Fire and Ice
10. Take Me Back
Bonus Tracks:
11. Don’t Know What You Got (Single Edit)
12. Coming Home (Single Edit)

CD 3 : Heartbreak Station +3 remastered
01. The More Things Change
02. Love’s Got Me Doin’ Time
03. Shelter Me
04. Heartbreak Station
05. Sick for the Cure
06. One for Rock and Roll
07. Dead Man’s Road
08. Make Your Own Way
09. Electric Love
10. Love Gone Bad
11. Winds of Change
Bonus Tracks:
12. Shelter Me (Radio Edit)
13. Move Over
14. War Stories

CD 4 : Still Climbing first fime remastered
01. Bad Attitude Shuffle
02. All Comes Down
03. Talk Is Cheap
04. Hard to Find the Words
05. Blood from a Stone
06. Still Climbing
07. Freewheelin’
08. Through the Rain
09. Easy Come Easy Go
10. The Road’s Still Long
11. Hot & Bothered

CD 5 : Live & B-Sides – remastered
01. Jumping Jack Flash (Single B-Side)
02. Nobody’s Fool (Single B-Side)
03. Push Push (Single B-Side)
05. Somebody Save Me (Single B-Side)
06. In from the Outside (Single B-Side)
07. Rock Me Baby/Bring It On Home (Single B-Side)
08. Second Wind (Single B-Side)
09. The More Things Change (Live)
10. Somebody Save Me (Live)
11. Heartbreak Station (Live)
12. Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone) (Live)
13. Gypsy Road (Live)
14. Shake Me (Live)


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  1. I bought them to have them remastered but, they sound worse than those of bad reputation. I have to compare them with the first original CDs.
    Greetings to the entire Odayrox team

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