HARDLINE – Double Eclipse [Japan SHM-CD mini LP Remastered] Out Of Print

HARDLINE - Double Eclipse [Japan SHM-CD mini LP Remastered] Out Of Print -  full

Here’s a requested, must have album in its Japanese SHM-CD mini-LP replica, remastered: super group HARDLINE and their debut CD “Double Eclipse”.
With Journey on hiatus and after two albums with Bad English, at the beginning of the ’90s mastermind Neal Schon joined a new project with talented drummer Deen Castronovo founded by the then relatively unknown vocalist Johnny Gioeli (ex Brunette).
The result was “Double Eclipse”, one of the greatest Melodic Hard Rock albums of all time.

“Double Eclipse” was recorded from September 1991 to February 1992, then mixing and mastering finished in April of 1992.
All songs included on the record are simply amazing, and the album as whole, from songwriting and performances to production has proved over time to be a melodic hard rock masterpiece.

Let’s start with this: Johnny Gioeli, alone, is worth buying the album. Gioeli’s voice echoes through with insane bursts of maturity and a low pitch that tweaks on through the audio tracks, and is absolutely breathtaking. He sounds great in every track: and keeps up this superb vocal range throughout the entire LP.
The guitar playing is excellent, Schon keeps the melodies and tempos gliding along through the songs. Johnny’s bro Joey Gioeli is mindlessly good on a rhythm guitar and keeps the echoing audio moving.

The style of songs on “Double Eclipse” is quite varied and starts off with an arena rock one such as ‘Life’s a Bitch’ with its gang shouted verses and the fist pumping chorus.
The pure melodic and emotional side comes from songs like the excellent ‘Everything’ and the hit ‘Hot Cherie’ (a revamped version of Streetheart‘s song) a catchy as Hell tune.
‘Everything’ is a smooth number, with a great guitar tone. The intro lick is subtle yet forceful at the same time, packed with feeling. Speaking of feeling, Johnny’s voice is tremendous here, it has such emotion to it that the song is almost overwhelming. The chorus is also pure melodic hard rock bliss and the “singability” factor is high, one of the catchiest songs in the genre, ever.

There’s a thunderous rocker in ‘Dr. Love’, a terrific instrumental from the extraordinary Neal Schon in ’31-91′, while we find a surprisingly eerie lyrical flow over a great drum beat in ‘Takin’ Me Down’, creating an almost gritty atmosphere for it over the guitar lines.
‘In The Hands of Time’ is just another highlight, starting with a heartwarming acoustic intro, following with a calming drum beat and a serenading, freely calm pitch from Gioeli’s amazing voice, then kicks off with an explosive solo from Schon. Absolutely breathtaking.

The emotional delivery of ‘Can’t Find My Way’ will most definitely worm its way into your brain and have you singing along, thumping along on the steering wheel and keeping this disc on repeat over and over again.
From start to finish, “Double Eclipse” is stellar. Amazing musicians, outstanding songwriting and some awesome vocals make the record a perfect Melodic Hard Rock album.

HARDLINE - Double Eclipse [Japan SHM-CD mini LP Remastered] Out Of Print - back

If you haven’t heard this record yet then you came from Saturn, and if you got a copy it’s time to revisit and replace it with this superb SHM-CD version.
The already outstanding production with that unique 1990-90 period glossy treatment is augmented here with top notch definition. It’s out of print but tracking down an expensive used copy worth every cent.

Warner Music Japan 【UICY-94514】

01 – Life’s A Bitch
02 – Dr. Love
03 – Love Leads The Way
04 – Rhythm From A Red Car
05 – Change Of Heart
06 – Everything
07 – Takin’ Me Down
08 – Hot Cherie
09 – Bad Taste
10 – Can’t Find My Way
11 – I’ll Be There
12 – 31-91
13 – In The Hands Of Time

Johnny Gioeli – vocals, guitars, percussion
Neal Schon – guitars, guitar synthesizer, backing vocals
Joey Gioeli – guitars, backing vocals
Todd Jensen – bass, backing vocals
Deen Castronovo – drums, backing vocals

Out Of Print:

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    The new Bad Reputation reissue of this is out now with 6 bonus tracks. Do you have it to post? Cheers!

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