JARED JAMES NICHOLS – Highwayman [tour only EP] (2015) + Live at the Viper Room

JARED JAMES NICHOLS - Highwayman [tour EP] full

This one has been requested as well; JARED JAMES NICHOLS‘ hard to find EP sold at tour only, titled “Highwayman”, a scintillating heavy blues-rock 5-track hottie.
The EP was recorded dovetailing with JARED JAMES NICHOLS’ guest appearance on the Glenn Hughes UK tour three years ago. We are treated to five tracks that are perfectly composed and executed, a fine snapshot of a ‘Highwayman’ with attitude approach to vocals and guitar that energetically sums up the force that is JARED JAMES NICHOLS.

Opening with a version of Grand Funk Railroad’s hit ‘We’re An American Band’, this is a thumping blues rock cover with stylish backing vocals courtesy of Jessica Childress. It’s a kick ass version, plenty of fire.

The first of three originals takes the pace down a notch, ‘Old Glory’ allowing the guitar to scorch and bounce off the rhythm section of Denis Holms and Erik Sandin this is the perfect foundation for a Highwayman of blues rock that stands and delivers so that he can travel through and explore the licks & riffs of his guitar hooks where his vocals can dominate for a while.

The inspiration for the EP is life on the road, something NICHOLS experienced during his 70-day run in Europe and the UK earlier in 2015. The second of the carefully crafted covers is Humble Pie’s ’30 Days in The Hole’ with additional power to the drumming added by special guest Ben Tileston.

JARED JAMES NICHOLS - Highwayman [tour EP] back

JARED JAMES NICHOLS never disappoints, and “Highwayman” is just another killer collection of rockin’ tunes delivered with passion by this talented guy and his musicians. 20 minutes of of hot-red blues-rock that leaves you wanting for more.
But wait… 0dayrox always give you more: we have here the standalone single ‘Last Chance’ released some months ago, plus the EP ‘Live At the Viper Room’ appeared at NICHOLS’ early beginnings, hot and rockin’ stuff for sure.
Highly RecommendedOnly at 0dayrox

Highwayman [tour EP]
01 – We’re an American Band (Grand Funk Railroad cover)
02 – Old Glory
03 – 30 Days in the Hole (Humble Pie cover)
04 – Fallin’ Down
05 – Gone

01 – Last Chance (standalone single)

Live at the Viper Room:
01 – You Won’t Last (Live)
03 – Playin’ for Keeps (Live)
03 – Blackfoot (Live)

Jared James Nichols (vocals, guitar)
Dennis Holm (drums)
Erik Sandin (bass, vocals)
Ben Tileston (guest drums)
Jessica Childress (backing vocals)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Any chance of a re-up on this one? Thank you!

  2. 0dayroxx says:

    Sure. Coming up. Stay tuned.

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