RUSH – Live … Toronto ’84 King Biscuit Flower Hour [Japan release remastered] (2018) *EXCLUSIVE*

RUSH - Live ... Toronto '84 King Biscuit Flower Hour [Japan release remastered] (2018) full

The just released CD – only in Japan – “Live … Toronto ’84” captures RUSH at their Grace Under Pressure Tour, in a show aired by the now legendary King Biscuit Flower Hour. Fully remastered by the Asian specialized label “Alive The Live”, the sound quality is really, really good.

I am a fan of mid-1980s Rush which is a divisive time for many fans of the group. They run of synthesizer heavy music during this era, but never losing their unique essence. Appeared in 1984, ‘Grace Under Pressure’ turns out to be one of Rush’s absolute best albums.
On this “Live … Toronto ’84”, Rush performs several songs from ‘Grace Under Pressure’, also form their previous LP ‘Signals’, and few classic numbers.

If you’re expecting here a sound with dropped heavier guitars in favor of the airy and brittle synths like we hear in the album versions, you’re wrong…
“Live … Toronto ’84” rocks hard, a proof that Rush never lose their fire on stage.

They kick off with ‘The Spirit of Radio’ which is one Rush classic I’m sure we can all agree on.
Then they roll into the ‘Fear Trilogy’: ‘The Enemy Within’, ‘The Weapon’, and ‘Witch Hunt’ which is everything I want out of life. I am a giant fan of the Fear Trilogy (later in the 1990s they would add yet another part) so I am loving this disc at this point.

Next up we get, oddly, the only Rush song to chart in the United States on the Billboard Top 40 ‘New World Man’. The thing that stikes me here is that the guys are having so much fun. You can tell everyone is just having a blast and that youthful enthusiasm is wonderful to hear out of this amazing band.
What follows are two songs off Grace Under Pressure LP; ‘Distant Early Warning’ and probably my favorite performance of ‘Red Sector A’.

After that is crowd favorite ‘Closer to the Heart’ done with a rocking approach, followed by classics ‘YYZ’, ‘The Temples of Syrinx’ (from 2112), and ‘Tom Sawyer’, updated 1984.
Next the band plays another favorite in ‘Vital Signs’ from the Moving Pictures album, and wraps up the show with ‘Finding My Way’ and ‘In The Mood’ off of the Rush debut album.
To make more complete this release, as bonus, the label added a ‘2012’ selection of songs recorded Live at St Louis, February 13th, 1980, all with a very good sound quality as well.

RUSH - Live ... Toronto '84 King Biscuit Flower Hour [Japan release remastered] (2018) back

What I really like about “Live … Toronto ’84” is that focuses in first half of the Eighties Rush material, a great showcase for the Grace Under Pressure time period.
Geddy Lee’s vocals are in top form, Alex Lifeson drops some of the heavier solos I heard from him, and Neil Peart, well, you know, the man is monster hitting the skins.
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Highly Recommended

01 – The Spirit Of Radio (Live Toronto ’84)
02 – The Enemy Within (Live Toronto ’84)
03 – The Weapon (Live Toronto ’84)
04 – Witch Hunt (Live Toronto ’84)
05 – New World Man (Live Toronto ’84)
06 – Distant Early Warning (Live Toronto ’84)
07 – Red Sector A (Live Toronto ’84)
08 – Closer To The Heart (Live Toronto ’84)
09 – YYZ / Temples Of Syrinx / Tom Sawyer (Live Toronto ’84)
10 – Vital Signs (Live Toronto ’84)
11 – Finding My Way / In The Mood (Live Toronto ’84)
12 – 2012 Overture (Live St Louis 80)
13 – 2012 Temples Of Syrinx (Live St Louis 80)
14 – 2012 Discovery (Live St Louis 80)
15 – 2012 Presentation (Live St Louis 80)
16 – 2012 The Soliloquy (Live St Louis 80)
17 – 2012 Grand Finale (Live St Louis 80)

Geddy Lee – lead vocals, bass guitar, synthesizers
Alex Lifeson – guitar
Neil Peart – drums, percussion

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