CROWN OF THORNS – Crown Jewels [3-CD Frontiers Music career span remastered] Out Of Print

CROWN OF THORNS - Crown Jewels [3-CD Frontiers Music career span remastered]  full

After the recent Jean Beauvoir post here of his Rock Masterpieces CD, some of you requested more from the talented musician, among them CROWN OF THORNS‘ 3-CD Box Set “Crown Jewels”, the Frontiers Music digipak release covering all the best songs from the band’s repertoire fully remastered & adding plenty of rare material, plus two newly recorded tracks for the occasion.

Carrying the flag of classic Melodic Hard Rock / AOR during the the hard times for the genre (mid-Nineties) Beauvoir and his Crown Of Thorns found help to release their music via the now legendary UK based label Now & Then Records.

Featured in the band’s first line-up were ex-Plasmatics / Little Steven man Jean Beauvoir, drummer Tony Thompson (who’d previously worked with the Duran Duran / Robert Palmer vehicle The Power Station), and bassist Michael Paige. Rounding out the quartet was a rather unexpected musician: Micki Free, who’d previously been a member of pop act Shalamar’s final line-up.

CROWN OF THORNS - Crown Jewels [3-CD Frontiers Music career span remastered] booklet

Ranging from classic melodic rockers with a vivid ’80s inspiration both in sound and songwriting, to catchy hard rock tunes to wonderful midtempo AOR jewels, all Crown Of Thorns material is a mandatory listen for all self-respected fan of these genres.

While “Crown Jewels” packs near the complete most celebrated Crown Of Thorns albums, the self-titled debut and Lost Cathedral – there’s a great song from the latter omitted; ‘Motorcycle Loretta’. We added the track as extra, plus 2 bonus from the original Point Music Records release not present into the Frontiers Music reissue of Lost Cathedral.

CROWN OF THORNS - Crown Jewels [3-CD Frontiers Music career span remastered] back

“Crown Jewels” is must have, unfortunately out of print and being sold for over $150 at eBay.

01 – Winterland
02 – The Rain
03 – Hike It Up
04 – I Won’t Wait
05 – Dirty Talk, Dirty Walk
06 – Crown Of Thorns
07 – Dying For Love
08 – No You Don’t
09 – Standing On The Corner
10 – The Healer
11 – Secret Jesus
12 – Til The End
13 – The Night
14 – Never Enough
15 – I’m Burning Up
16 – Hang On Sugar
17 – Killing Time
18 – Man On A Tightrope
19 – Little Stone House
20 – Are You Ready

01 – Over My Head
02 – Don’t Let Me Down
03 – Only One Who’s Lonely
04 – Breakthrough
05 – You
06 – Writing On The Wall
07 – Lost Cathedral
08 – Live And Die
09 – Lyin
10 – Greed Of Love
11 – Wasted Prime
12 – Bird On A Wire
13 – End Of The Century
14 – Here She Comes
15 – Missionary Remedy

01 – Heaven Tonight
02 – Long Way Home
03 – Believer
04 – ‘Til You’ve Had Enough
05 – My Sweet Lord
06 – Shed No Tears
07 – Before It Slips Away
08 – I’m Sorry
09 – Once In My Life
10 – Oh Holy Night
11 – All I Want For Christmas Is You

0dayrox extras:
12 – Motorcycle Loretta
13 – Second Chance (Bonus Track)
14 – Standing On The Corner For You (Unplugged Bonus)

Jean Beauvoir: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Piano, Strings
Tommy Lafferty, Micki Free: Guitars
Michael Paige: Bass
Tony Thompson, Hawk Lopez: Drums, Percussion

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