GIN ANNIE – 100% Proof (2019)

GIN ANNIE - 100% Proof (2019) full

UK rockers GIN ANNIE will release of their debut album ‘100% Proof’ on January 25th, 2019 via Off Yer Rocka Recordings. ‘100% Proof’ contains 10 tracks of guitar driven songs with a very melodic vocal style; hook-laden choruses and classy melodies.

Gin Annie are based around the nucleus of cousins Dave Foster (vocals) and Byron Garbett (guitars). In November 2017, the Black Country rockers saw a change of line-up to form MKII of the band, with the addition of Brian Green on guitar and Phill ‘Hammer’ Burrows on bass. Drumming powerhouse Jack Ryland-Smith completes the group.

Fast and with ultimate smoothness we kick off with “Love Ain’t Here”, vocals that melt even the most hardened among us. The two guitars blend and deliver and as they strum into “Dead & Gone” we are submitted to fresh, clean and new classic hard rock.
“Change” has hints of Zakk Wylde’s guitar work about it, however musically you think about Thunder. The riffs are big, thick and meaty and dipped in barbecue.

Both “New Bad Habit” and the even sleazier “Next 2 Me” take Skid Row’s debut as a starting point and work from there. The choruses are huge and the intentions filthy, and both end up being highlights. Indeed, in the case of “Next 2 Me” it is innovatively done too – with time changes to tell the sordid story
“Damage Is Done” is the sort of thing Massive Wagons do, and I was always going to mention Guns N’ Roses at some point, so I may as well do it here, and it is impressive how much this record thumps.

“Fallin’” crushes awful dullness masquerading as hard rock, and shows them how it should be done, then “All I Want” manages to sound as greasy as something off the first Almighty record (and praise don’t get bigger, trust me…)
“Haunt Me” is a reminder that growing up, all this type of records had a power ballad on, and this is darn fine one with great guitar work all over. It’s not over until “Born to Rock n Roll” sees us out. It is a testament to the guys, they were definitely born to do this.

Gin Annie’s debut album is full of enthralling vibes and there is some incredible songwriting going on here, with tunes that stay in your head. It’s classic rock with a melodic (hard) rock pulse, strong in harmonies and superb dual guitar riffs.
Catchy and easy going, yet awe inspiring, Gin Annie are in a class of their own. ‘100% Proof’ is an excellent play, one of those albums you can listen to over and over.
Highly Recommended

01. Love Ain’t Here
02. Dead & Gone
03. Chains
04. New Bad Habit
05. Next 2 Me
06. Damage
07. Fallin’
08. All I Want
09. Haunt Me
10. Born to Rock n Roll

David Foster – vocals
Byron Garbett – guitar
Brian Green – guitar
Phill ‘Hammer’ Burrows – bass
Jack Ryland-Smith – drums


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