LETHAL INJECTION – The Most Metal Years 1982-1989 (2019)

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In a true Steel Panther fashion, “The Most Metal Years 1982-1989” is the just released album from LETHAL INJECTION, a fictional band masterminded by actor / musician Doug Mattingly.
Doug is right now filming a 10 episode season of a rock n’ roll fable, placed, of course, at the infamous ’80s LA Sunset Strip. The original music composed and performed – glammy hard rock songs with a hair metal flair – pay tribute to that era… and all are darn good!

Inspired as well by the Rock Star movie, all the songs on “The Most Metal Years 1982-1989” are professionally recorded and produced, sounding indeed like a ‘lost ’80s’ album.
From the fictional – and fun – fake band members (Rikki Riot, Vinnie Venom, etc) to the Sunset Strip excesses, MTV references, hairspray jokes, and more, this is fun from start to finish.

However, musically this isn’t a joke at all. As said, the songs on “The Most Metal Years 1982-1989” are professionally recorded with the help of experienced session musicians, and seems there’s some guest appearances – uncredited – by famous musicians / bands from the era.

Can’t wait to watch the TV show – seems it will be featured online as well – meanwhile enjoy these really catchy and good collection of hair metal songs bringing back the feel-good memories, from a time when rock n’ roll in the USA was all about having a good time.
Very Recommended

01 – Tail of Two Cities
02 – X X X Marks the Spot
03 – Hump Day Hump Night
04 – Teacher’s Pettin’
05 – Cumm Onn Inn
06 – Ball Baring
07 – Press the Flesh
08 – Rock Hard Rock Harder
09 – Slip of the Tongue
10 – Spray It Don’t Say It
11 – Ride the Rocket
12 – Abuse It or Lose It

Rikki Riot – lead vocals, lead guitar
Vinnie Venom – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Sinn – bass guitar, backing vocals
Tommy Bomb – drums, backing vocals


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