BRYAN ADAMS – Shine A Light (2019)

BRYAN ADAMS - Shine A Light (2019) full

Canadian Rock icon BRYAN ADAMS is set to release his 14th studio album, “Shine A Light”. The record, his first since 2015’s Get Up, will arrive on March 1.
Nobody turns to a Bryan Adams album in the hope of having their senses rocketed to the unexplored reaches of the psychocosmos by the explosive shock of the new, or being enveloped in waves of mind-melting sonic magma. No, that’s not what he’s here for.
The amiable Canadian rock veteran is very meat-and-potatoes, easy rock&pop, and “Shine A Light” does the trick.

You can forgive Bryan for the first two tracks, obviously a record label imposition: the ballad ‘That’s How Strong Our Love Is’ is a duet with JLo, and title track ‘Shine A Light’ co-written with successful singer / songwriter Ed Sheeran, which, by the way, isn’t a bad tune at all.
From track 3, the new album is pure Bryan Adams. Easy to the ear rock n’ roll.

Adams makes music for people in no mood for any funny business. They want to nod their heads to verses and punch the air to choruses, without being exposed to an unfamiliar sound or a tune that goes anywhere other than exactly where it is expected to.
All they ask of Bryan Adams is that he be fully Bryan Adams-y.
And the Canadian delivers.

‘I Could Get Used To This’, ‘Part Friday Night, Part Sunday Morning’, ‘Driving Under The Influence Of Love’, ‘Talk To Me’, etc, all are the kind of rockers that Adams has been written and recording all his life.
There’s flimsy electronic drum patterns on a couple of songs, but that’s only make-up to keep current, in its bone all songs are rock n’ roll.

Heck, he even does a version of ‘Whiskey In The Jar’ (made popular by Thin Lizzy and Metallica’s Grammy winner), and quite nicely, including acoustic guitar.
“Shine A Light” is good. It’s all Bryan Adams. You know the guy.

01. Shine A Light
02. That’s How Strong Our Love Is
03. Part Friday Night, Part Sunday Morning
04. Driving Under The Influence Of Love
05. All Or Nothing
06. No Time For Love
07. I Could Get Used To This
08. Talk To Me
09. The Last Night On Earth
10. Nobody’s Girl
11. Don’t Look Back
12. Whiskey In The Jar

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