IRON SAVIOR – Kill Or Get Killed (2019)

IRON SAVIOR - Kill Or Get Killed (2019) full

Germany’s power metallers IRON SAVIOR are ready to release their new opus titled “Kill Or Get Killed” next March 8th. Led by main man songwriter / vocalist Piet Sielck, the band has become one of the most popular acts of the ‘new wave of power metal’ scene. We never featured at this blog an album from this band, because while ok, we never found ’em musically relevant.
Unlike previous releases, “Kill Or Get Killed” has a different vibe than the usual ‘power metal for the masses’. The science fiction themes that are Iron Saviour trademark are still present, but the album has a more raw, ‘go for the throat’ melodic metal approach than on previous releases.
And I like it.

Indeed, while Iron Saviour are part of the ‘new wave of power metal’, that meaning commercial, accessible melodies and choruses, “Kill Or Get Killed” has a refreshing punch: it’s inspired by melodic metal classic acts.
Think a mix of Accept’s razor riffs, Helloween-like scales, and a clean sound production akin Primal Fear, bombastic yet more ‘classy’.

The album was inspired by the sci-fi novel The Star of Pandora, which is about the destruction of humanity by an alien civilization. You don’t need to follow a story though, all tracks work like standalone songs.
The title track kicks things off in fine fashion with a fast and furious metal anthem melody that features some quick double bass drum footwork from new drummer Patrick Klose, heavy guitars, Sielck’s aggressive yet melodic vocals, and a huge chorus with a massive choir vocal.
Sielck and longtime co-lead guitarist Joachim Küstner provide some tasty lead and harmony guitars.

‘Roaring Thunder’ is one of my favorites, a hot old-school / ‘8s inspired metal track with a killer opening riff and a catchy sing-a-long chorus. Accept comes to mind, both in the riffs and martial chorus.
The album continues with a take no prisoners attitude, with high-octane metallic songs like ‘Eternal Quest’ (I hear some ’80s Blac Sabbath here) and the mid-tempo stomper ‘From Dust and Ruble’, including an epic chorus in Helloween vein.

The bass lines of ‘Sinner Or Saint’ are giant, and on this track appear as well ‘mysterious’ synths for a song with some Masterplan on it (or perhaps Jorn solo?) while ‘Stand and Fight’ is an anthemic power metal track that will have heads banging and fists in the air with its message of empowerment.
‘Heroes Ascending’ has a catchy hook and razor sharp guitar riffs. The galloping rhythms and huge choir vocals are a highlight here, especially during the memorable chorus.

Then there’s a track like ‘Never Stop Believing’ where you can hear why now we like Iron Saviour. A pumping melodic tune where Sielck’s vocals are on point with more of a focus on melody here, resulting in a very catchy melodic chorus at almost strays into AOR territory. Seriously, you need to check out this song, catchy as Hell.

IRON SAVIOR - Kill Or Get Killed (2019) inside

The mid-tempo melodic metal of ‘Until We Meet Again’ is another foray into more melodious territory with clean guitars, enhanced keyboards and again, a ‘Heaven and Hell’ Black Sabbath vibe.
The album concludes with the crushingly heavy guitar riffs on ‘Legends of Glory’, a relentless heavy piece with a soaring chorus that will have the listener in a ‘up the irons’ attitude. This headbanging track is pure power metal in all its glory and a solid way to close the album.

‘Kill Or Get Killed’ consists of ten solid tracks of classic melodic metal influenced music, wrapped by a modern and huge production sound. There’s something for everyone here, from modern power metal to classic melodic metal, some groovy hard rock and even AORish moments.
An album that will bring new converts to this band, accessible and enjoyable.
Strongly Recommended

01 – Kill Or Get Killed
02 – Roaring Thunder
03 – Eternal Quest
04 – From Dust and Ruble
05 – Sinner Or Saint
06 – Stand Up and Fight
07 – Heroes Ascending
08 – Never Stop Believing
09 – Until We Meet Again
10 – Legends of Glory

Piet Sielck – Vocals, Guitars
Jan-Sören Eckert – Bass, Vocals (ex-Masterplan, ex-Mydra)
Joachim “Piesel” Küstner – Guitars (ex- Lacrimosa)
Patrick Klose – Drums (ex-Dawn of Destiny)


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