JOKER (USA) – Joker + Last Hand EP

JOKER (USA) - Joker + Last Hand EP full

And after the feature of JOKER‘s second album remastered, here’s the Chicago melodic hard rockers first LP “Joker”, plus the unreleased tapes put out by the band themselves few years ago entitled “Last Hand”.

Joker first self-titled album delivers all that polished late ’80s US melodic hard rock we love, feel good songs with a positive vibe.
Fronted by versatile singer Tony Ingala (who recorded in the Blue Öyster Cult album Bad Channels), the style of “Joker” is pure American Melodic Rock driven by sharp guitars and terrific five-part harmonies from all members on the catchy choruses.

Their sound reminds you the commercial, Americanized-era of Norwegians TNT circa ‘Intuition’ and Warrant. Therefore is not surprising that Ingala was once the front-runner to replace singer Jani Lane during the Nineties.
You can’t go wrong with titles like the sexy ‘I Want Love’, the hair metal glory of ‘Party For Your Life’, the killer ‘She Wants Vengeance’ (with some Keel on it), ‘Change’, or the Poison-like power ballad ‘Lorraine’.

At the beginning of the current decade, Joker reunited with all original members and there’s an album in the making.
Meanwhile, they unearthed previously unreleased recordings and released them under the title “Last Hand”. These songs were taped in the Summer of ’93, professionally produced and with the same style & sound of both Joker official albums.
At the time, they were shopping a new record deal but the scene was changing and the band split in 1994.

JOKER (USA) - Joker + Last Hand EP - inside

“Joker” and “Last Hand” are plenty of great stuff, the type of albums that basically you enjoy from head to toe.
Joker is a very cool and highly sought melodic hard rock band with infectious melodies, shreddin’ guitar, hooks and catchy choruses, all played to perfection. One of the rarest and finest indie MHR bands out there.
A collectors item. Highly Recommended

Joker (1990)
01 – I Want Love
02 – Say Yeah
03 – Lorraine
04 – Party For Your Life
05 – Somewhere In Time
06 – She Wants Vengeance
07 – Pledge An Allegiance
08 – Remember
09 – Change
10 – Hey Salesman

Last Hand EP
01 – Beats Like Thunder
02 – You Go Down
03 – The Other Side
04 – One And Only
05 – Be A Man
06 – Way Of The World

Tony Ingala – Lead Vocals
Joe Miro – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Nick Sikich – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Brian Smolar – Bass, Backing Vocals
Mike Stone – Drums, Backing Vocals

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