TWO FIRES – Burning Bright [American Edition]

TWO FIRES - Burning Bright [American Edition] full

And here’s another request fulfilled: TWO FIRES third album “Burning Bright” in its American version.
From the understandably Journey-esque ’90s ‘super group’ The Storm, rose Two Fires, featuring singer Kevin Chalfant and guitarist Josh Ramos. They chucked out two wonderful albums (posted HERE) during the past decade, and some years they were back for another go with “Burning Bright”, which unsurprisingly… sounds rather like Journey.

The album was released by Frontiers Records, however, in US / Canada & South America was exclusively licenced to Clique Records, due to an arrangement by Kevin Chalfant.
This ‘American’ CD version (pretty hard to find now) features a special artwork and a slightly different mix – more Americanized indeed.
The difference with the European release is really, really subtle, but enough to turn this version a collectors item.

From the off, “Burning Bright” is a real pleasure to listen to. Yes, it will remind you of Journey, but if that’s a bad thing then there’s something wrong with this world.
Half way through the album the title track really rams this home, as the does the Neil Schon co-penned ballad “Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid”.

This is a true Melodic Rock album for people who want stuff to play whilst imagining themselves in an open top sportscar with a busty blonde by their side and a pet cougar in the back seat. Two Fires can bring out the California sunshine even during a wet weekend in London.
Here, Two Fires and Kevin Chalfant have taken the Journey formula and given it their own spin, favouring well paced rockers over wet ballads, all spiced with some excellent yet understated guitar solos throughout plus classy keys.
Chalfant is, of course, sublime behind the microphone, not quite up there with Steve Perry, but you know, that’s impossible.

“Burning Bright” is Melodic Rock / AOR in its purest essence. The songwriting is such that it makes you feel a bit happier with each new track, and the musicianship just backs this up. Even the ballads has its nerve, with the rockier tracks really giving the album that killer edge.
Excellent stuff

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 – Is It Any Wonder
02 – Lost In the Song
03 – Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid
04 – Epic In the Night
05 – Shattered Without You
06 – Burning Bright
07 – Hold On to Your Dream
08 – Still In Love
09 – Answer to My Prayer
10 – Relentless
11 – All For One

Kevin Chalfant – Lead Vocals
Michael Gardner – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Alby Odum – Guitars
Bill Cuomo, Chuck Giacinto – Keyboards
Randy Hatzer – Bass
Jim Widlowski, Shawn Fichter, Tim Higgins – Drums, Percussion
Mike Higgins – Backing Vocals
Neil Schon – Songwriting

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