GARY MOORE – Live At Bush Hall [Japanese Edition +1] Rare / Out Of Print

GARY MOORE - Live At Bush Hall [Japanese Edition +1] full

Published by Eagle Records, “Live At Bush Hall 2007” is the first-ever release of this incredible show by GARY MOORE recorded at front of only 400 lucky listeners, a concert organized by a radio station.
The album contains several tracks that are not available in live versions anywhere else, and this Japanese Edition includes as bonus track a terrific version of ‘Parisienne Walkways’ – why this track is not included in the regular CD is beyond me…

This Bush Hall gig is unique in that it was limited to only 400 punters courtesy of radio station Planet Rock who previously broadcast the whole show. Moore was promoting then new album ‘Close As You Get’ and 7 of its 11 tracks are included.
But with Brian Downey on drums there was a throwback to his earlier incarnation with Thin Lizzy and “Don’t Believe A Word” cuts through with a heavy, hard rocking performance.
In fact, although the bluesy set, all tracks come energetic with a Gary Moore on fire and truly inspired that night.

GARY MOORE - Live At Bush Hall [Japanese Edition +1] cd photo

From the start, on “If The Devil Made Whiskey” Gary Moore catches a ferocious groove, exploring a suitably dangerous theme on the Almighty’s creation of all things — both good and assuredly bad. It’s a dichotomy not uncommon in the blues, but still one in which the troubled late guitarist finds new depths of meaning, as evidenced within his skin-crawlingly angry solo.

Moore, to be sure, had his demons, and this scalding take on this song explores them, it seems, definitively — not with its lyrical content so much as the way he attacks his instrument.
Also included are three tracks from Gary’s landmark album ‘Still Got The Blues'(“Too Tired”, “Walking By Myself” and the monster title track) whilst “The Blues Is Alright” recalls the follow-up ‘After Hours’.

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“Live At Bush Hall 2007” offers an excellent performance by guitar genius Gary Moore, really inspired and with a stunning rich tone.
Technically, this is not a ‘live album’, but recorded into a concert hall with all musicians playing together. The sound brings the best of both worlds; clean as studio take but with the vibe & emotion of a band playing live.
A true statement of Gary Moore’s immortal talent that will keep rocking our souls forever. This Japanese Edition is not easy to find at all.
Easily Recommended

Columbia Music / Ward Records ~ VQCD-10398

01 – If The Devil Made Whiskey
02 – Thirty Days
03 – Trouble At Home
04 – Hard Times
05 – Eyesight To The Blind
06 – I Had A Dream
07 – Too Tired
08 – Gary’s Blues 1
09 – Don’t Believe A Word
10 – Still Got The Blues
11 – Walking By Myself
12 – The Blues Is Alright
13 – Sundown
14 – Parisienne Walkways (Japanese Bonus Track)

Vocals, Guitars – Gary Moore
Bass – Pete Rees
Keyboards – Vic Martin
Drums – Brian Downey

Out Of Print

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