MASQUERADE – Surface Of Pain (CD version)

MASQUERADE - Surface Of Pain (CD version) full

Here’s one request; MASQUERADE‘s second album “Surface Of Pain”. For this second album the Swedes switched from the pure melodic hard rock of their debut to a heavier sound, darker, at places close to ’80s Queensryche / Crimson Glory.
The guitars are huge, the rhythm section smash like never before, while Tony Yoanson’s vocal showcase other dimension.
“Judas Kiss” is a driving melodic rocking starter, “State Of Grace” and “Suffering” are pretty wild, there’s catchiness and at the same time atmospheres in “America” (great lyrics too), then “Feels Good” also gives some catchiness.
Highly Recommended


01 – Judas Kiss
02 – Say Your Prayer
03 – State Of Grace
04 – Suffering
05 – End Of Nothing
06 – America
07 – God Of Man
08 – Violation
09 – Feels Good
10 – Wasteland
11 – Mercy Me
12 – Free My Mind

Tony Yoanson – vocals
Thomas G’Son – guitars
Henrik Lundberg – bass
Marco Tapani – drums


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2 Responses

  1. KdC says:

    AWESOME! Thanks so much! I also didn’t realize you had their first/self-titled review here as well, as I swear I looked in your directory I did not see them listed before I requested after stumbling on to this band the other day. As I was a member back then I checked and see I did have it, I just had not given it the proper Listen obviously, even though your review said “a must have” for the first Album. If I would have just listen, but I am now! once again your Rock! Keep up the great work!

  2. Esdren says:

    Meh, weak album. If you want to upload a record for public scrutiny that does the 90’s AOR meets funk metal meets Queensryche sound better, put up Radakka’s 1995’s release Malice & Tranquility, which is a million times better than this sophomore outing from Masquerade.

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