WHITE WIDDOW – White Widdow + rare 1st EP

WHITE WIDDOW - White Widdow + rare 1st EP full

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, WHITE WIDDOW was formed in 2008 by charismatic frontman Jules Millis along with bassist Trent Wilson and guitar virtuoso Enzo Almanzi. This, their debut “White Widdow” made high impact in the Melodic Hard Rock community via infectious choruses and melious riffs. The band released the “White Widdow” 3-track EP previously, a very limited edition with early versions of some of their best tunes.

From its inception, the White Widdow vision was always to write, perform and bring back the ’80s joyful Arena style Melodic Rock / Hard Edged AOR inspired by artists such as White Sister, Survivor, Treat, Dokken, Aviator, Bon Jovi and Australia’s own Roxus.
After initial sessions it was clear to them that to fulfill the sound they searching for, they would require a full time keyboard player.

Jules immediately enlisted the help of his brother Xavier Millis on the keyboards / synths, a two time ARIA (Australian Record Industry Award) nominee and a well versed keyboard player in many musical styles.
With Xavier onboard, the writing team was in place and the line-up was then completed with Jim Naish on drums.

Starting out playing live amongst the diverse Melbourne Rock scene, White Widdow quickly established themselves as a solid live unit throughout their native Australia.
In mid-2009’s White Widdow recorded and released their first EP which was very well received in selected press and by fans of the genre.

This now rare, collectors item EP include the very first versions of ‘Cross To Bare [EP version]’, ‘Change Of Passion [EP version]’, and ‘Don’t Fail Me Now [EP version]’, very nice to hear and to check out how the band progressed for their self-titled full length debut.

And with the full CD “White Widdow”, the band’s musical vision became a reality. With absolutely no concerns about modern rock trends the band has followed their hearts and proudly wear their ’80s influences on their sleeves.
Intro “Shoukai” with the amazing keys and ripping guitar is chained with “Tokio Rain”, a terrific rocker plenty of fluffy keyboards ala GIUFFRIA. WOW!

“Broken Hearts Won’t Last Forever” is a thrilling, Sunset Blvd-style tune, much in the vein of the glorious DANGER DANGER. The storming “Cross To Bare” with its blistering guitars and pomp keys displays a harder side to the band’s melodic glory, in the way of bands such as TREAT and JADED HEART.
With healthy lashings of AOR goodness, the wrenching, yet uplifting “Don’t Fail Me Now” relives the glory days of STAGE DOLLS and HAREM SCAREM, masters of the melodic rock ballad.

Plenty of driving rhythm and stabbing keys, “Change Of Passion” became a live favorite, and indeed has a lively atmosphere all over, that kind of fun, feel good vibe missing in today’s mainstream Rock. A winner.
But ALL tracks on this album are devastating, breathtaking pieces of killer classy Melodic Rock / AOR.

White Widdow rare 1st EP

Mixed and Mastered by Martin Kronlund (Overland, Joe Lynn Turner, Bangalore Choir) at JM Studios in Sweden, in their full length debut White Widdow have put together an album full of Melodic Rock and AOR anthems filled with swirling keyboards, blistering guitar playing and big choruses full of hooks, the way they believe Rock music should be done.
For me, it was one of THE albums of the year when released, and still one of the best since the genre’s resurgence. Btw, the album has become pretty hard to find in America.


01 – Shoukai (Intro)
02 – Tokyo Rain
03 – Broken Hearts Won’t Last Forever
04 – We’ve Got The Wings
05 – Cross To Bare
06 – Don’t Fail Me Now
07 – Spirit Of Fire
08 – Shadows Of Love
09 – One More Day
10 – Change Of Passion
11 – Fire & Ice

White Widdow 3-track EP:
12 – Cross To Bare [EP version]
13 – Change Of Passion [EP version]
14 – Don’t Fail Me Now [EP version]

Julez ‘Mephisto’ Millis – Lead Vocals
Enzo Almanzi – Guitars & Vocals
Trent Wilson – Bass & Vocals
Xavier ‘Mephisto’ Millis – Keyboards & Vocals
Jim Naish – Drums



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