JOE SATRIANI – Flying In A Blue Dream [Japan Remaster Blue-SpecCD2]

JOE SATRIANI - Flying In A Blue Dream [Japan Remaster Blue-SpecCD2] (2016) full

Finally arrived from Japan my favorite JOE SATRIANI albums from the Legacy Recordings reissue series 2016, remastered and manufactured with the high quality Blu-specCD2 technology.
Flying In A Blue Dream” is a very special Joe Satriani where he sings straight-out hard rockers combined with splendid instrumentals.

“Flying In A Blue Dream” is by far the most versatile Joe Satriani yet. Joe sings, plays a banjo, shows off his two hand tapping skills, and his amazing arrangements and solos. Joe’s sound is unlike any other, especially in this album.
He moves effortlessly from the sublime, light and lightning fast fret work on some tracks to the downright heavy grooves on others. Most often, it’s a combination of both ends of the musical spectrum.
It is this sort of aural alchemy that makes Satriani such a force. He has the speed and technical chops to impress anyone, guitar player or not, but it is inherent sense of the intrinsic underlying rhythms that make his music so downright enjoyable.

Breaking from his previous tradition of not singing on his records, Satriani lends vocals to six tracks on “Flying in a Blue Dream”. His voice, although nothing spectacular, lends itself perfectly for the music that he is playing. His vocals act, in opposition to many other guitarists in the genre, in a subdued supporting role to his fretboard wizardry.
From the opening strains of the title track “Flying in a Blue Dream”, Satch kicks the chocks out from under the monster juggernaut, starting it rolling along. Thumping bass underneath the track holds down the foundation to his lead playing that threatens to take flight at any moment.

One of the most interesting aspects of this album is that he seems to drift easily between genre’s, offering something for everyone.
Everything from the funky “The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing” to the bluesy, mad dog howling of “Big Bad Moon” to the quasi hi-tech induced laced with high-test guitar-like “Strange” to the effortlessly beautiful “I Believe” to the humorous boogie of “The Phone Call” to tendon ripping exercises of “Back to Shalla-Bal”.

JOE SATRIANI - Flying In A Blue Dream [Japan Remaster Blue-SpecCD2] (2016) back

“Flying in a Blue Dream” cemented Joe Satriani’s reputation as perhaps the best guitarist to come along in Rock in many, many years, a position that he will no doubt hold for years to come and it serves to justify why he is considered one of the progenitors of the shred movement of the ’80s.
“Flying in a Blue Dream” is an hour-long exploration into just what a virtuoso with formidable, somewhat intimidating, skills and pure desire can accomplish.
Here Joe continues to impress and amaze and it’s the natural follow up to the landmark ‘Surfing With The Alien’. This album is about as close to perfection in the guitar-driven genre.

As you may know, Blu-specCD2 format is Sony’s answer to SHM-CD, taking Blu-Ray technology to create CD’s Phase Transition Mastering via blue laser diode cutting (using a different polycarbonate plastic) obtaining superb results.
The sound of this Japanese Blu-specCD2 release is simply ‘out of this world’, big, super-stereo, taking the last remastering from two years ago, only available in the very limited box set The Complete Studio Recordings.
Awesome record

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

Sony Music Japan ~ SICP-30914
Legacy Recordings 【BSCD2】

01 – Flying In A Blue Dream
02 – Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing
03 – Can’t Slow Down
04 – Headless
05 – Strange
06 – I Believe
07 – One Big Rush
08 – Big Bad Moon
09 – The Feeling
10 – Phone Call
11 – A Day At The Beach
12 – Back To Shalla-Bal
13 – Ride
14 – The Forgotten (Part 1)
15 – The Forgotten (Part 2)
16 – The Bells Of Lal (Part 1)
17 – The Bells Of Lal (Part 2)
18 – Into The Light

Joe Satriani – vocals, guitar, banjo, keyboards, percussion, bass, harmonica
Jeff Campitelli – drums, percussion
Bongo Bob Smith – drums, percussion
Simon Phillips – drums
Stuart Hamm – bass
Pete Scatturro – programming, sound design
John Cuniberti – sitar, percussion, engineering, production



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