JACKIE BODIMEAD – Don’t Believe In Love [Reissue] + 5 Rare Extras

JACKIE BODIMEAD - Don't Believe In Love [Reissue] + 5 Mega Rare Extras full

After the If Only albums recently featured at 0dayrox, some of you asked for singer JACKIE BODIMEAD‘s more music. Well, she released a solo album in the mid-Nineties titled “Don’t Believe In Love” a fantastic slice of female-fronted Melodic Rock / AOR. But Jackie always was a busy performer, and we have here as extra 5 tracks where she put her unmistakable voice, all Melodic Rock in style, of course, one of them in a duet with Steve Overland (FM).

When Jackie Bodimead joined Girlschool in the mid-Eighties coming from the all-female hard rock band She, she was already an accomplished lead singer, having played in the hard rock and prog rock bands Strategy and Canis Major, plus as session vocalist for others and working on TV / radio commercials.
She shared lead vocals with Kim McAuliffe on the Girlschool’s album Running Wild and went on a world tour with the band in 1985.

Unsatisfied with the heavier sound the band wanted to return to, Bodimead left Girlschool to pursue a more commercial / melodic musical direction. She joined the British AOR band ‘If Only’ and recorded an album, shelved at the moment due to some management troubles.

Then Jackie met multi-talented Lea Hart, known as an industrious figure on the British Rock scene having fulfilled roles as producer, singer, songwriter, manager and British music ambassador internationally. He worked with Judas Priest, was part of AORsters Ya-Ya and joined Fastway as vocalist replacing Dave King and recording / producing 2 albums for them.



Lea Hart was one of the essential musicians / producers keeping the Melodic Hard Rock flame alive in UK during the Nineties, giving the opportunity to musicians such as Dennis Stratton (Iron Maiden, Lionheart), Nigel Glockler (Saxon), Paul Di’Anno and many others to keep working in the business, and recording several Various Artists albums metal-oriented, in a time with this type of music was out of fashion.
And Bodiemead was part of Hart’s roster as well. The extra tracks featured here are taken from these now rare ‘V.A.’ albums.

By the mid-Nineties, both decided to record a Jackie Bodimead full length album, and the result was this “Don’t Believe In Love”.
Co-written & produced by Bodimead & Hart, this is a marvelous slice of classy ’80s style melodic hard rock with AOR feel. Songs like ‘Only Love’, ‘Say the Words’, Promise to the Night’, the title track, or my favorite, the keyboard-filled ‘Victim of Love’ are to die for.

Put this in the same league of Laos, Saraya, Vixen, and of course If Only, however in terms of personality, for me Bodimead is the best of all, and one of best AOR / MR female singers ever.
“Don’t Believe In Love” is a killer record in this genre, and this recent Peacock Records reissue is the one to get, better mastered and fuller than the original (and quite flat) original CD release.
And you have 5 bonus, collectibles, equally good to any song on the main album.

Only at 0dayrox


01 – Don’t Believe in Love
02 – Promise to the Night
03 – Forever
04 – Only Love
05 – Far Away
06 – You Are the One
07 – Victim of Love
08 – Stay Together
09 – I Just Wanna Be Free
10 – Say the Words

11 – One Love
12 – On The Line
13 – Each Night
14 – Stranger To Your Heart
15 – Forever (duet with Steve Overland)

Jackie Bodimead – vocals
Lea Hart – guitar, bass, synths
Billy Kulke, Mel Gabbitas, Nibbs Carter – bass
Gary Ferguson, Steve Clarke – drums
Dave Senczak, , Dennis Stratton (Lionhart) – guest guitar



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