JAMIE ROWE (Guardian) – This Is Home (2019)

JAMIE ROWE (Guardian) - This Is Home (2019) full

Vocalist of ’80s hard rockers Guardian JAMIE ROWE returns to the music scene with the release of his new album “This Is Home”, showcasing Rowe’s instantly identifiable voice and strong songwriting. Jamie has taken his love of Americana / country music and combined it with the classic arena rock element that his international fan base have come to expect.
The album was produced by former Taylor Swift bandleader, Jamey Perrenot, and mixed by hit engineer Billy Decker.

Indeed, here Rowe is tapping into those tried and true melodies & riffs that Guardian fans long for, but the rock music here definitely has a swampy, bluesy, hint of a back roads country feel to it … and yes, it is different form his previous works.
As happened with many hard rock / melodic rock artists in the past (Ron Keel, Brett Michaels, Steven Tyler, Robin Zander), Rowe’s roots include classic American music ranging from blues to country rock.
An he recorded an album that mix rockers with acoustically based tunes.

For rockers juct check opener ‘Let’s Get This Party Started’ which title speaks for itself, driven by a heavy electric riff, the melodic ‘Kissin’ on You’, or the bluesy ‘Life Is Better’.
My favorite is ‘Born Again’ a melodic rocker 100% American, while title track is a midtempo with a true country feeling, as it is ballad ‘This Side of Eternity’.

“This Is Home” showcases a whirlwind of musical maturity and growth for Rowe, a strong vocalist and songwriter in his own right.
Musicians with Hard Rock roots venturing into Americana / bluesy country isn’t a new thing, however rarely made it big within this genre. But Jamie is doing what he likes right now, and this album feels authentic, honest music, from the heart.
And at places, still rock. Very cool stuff.


01 – Let’s Get This Party Started
02 – Better Off Than Yesterday
03 – Born Again
04 – This Is Home
05 – Life Is Better
06 – Kissin’ on You
07 – Jesus Is the Way
08 – This Side of Eternity
09 – …
10 – I Do [Bonus track]
11 – Jesus Is the Way (Acoustic Version) [Bonus track]

Jamie Rowe – vocals, guitar, bass
R. Smith Curry – guitar
Ross Holmes – fiddle
Zac Childs – mandolin
Lenny Connor – drums



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