RESCUE – Rescue [Ltd Edition Remastered Numbered Gold Disc]

RESCUE - Rescue [Ltd Edition Remastered Numbered Gold Disc] full

This little gem was requested by one of you, and here’s in all its glory: the only album from German Pomp / AOR act RESCUE. The self-titled LP was originally released only in Germany in 1989, and later reissued by Long Island Records. But this is the second press on Gold CD, Limited Edition Numbered (2,000 copies) remastered, with much better sound quality.

Hailing from Kiel, Rescue was formed in ’86 and got the chance for this full length album at end of that decade. However their sound & style is pure 1983-84, pompy, and plenty of wonderful AOR melodies.

A reverb-rich drum intro delivers us the opener ‘Don’t Call Me Crazy’, a 1st Avenue like workout complete with a powerful sound to boot. Impressed after round one? You betcha! ‘Face To Face’ leads us in a Talk Of The Town direction, and even with the album highlight – the pristine ‘Into The Night’, it is so hard to ignore the Talk Of The Town comparison.

The commercial ballad ‘Hold On’ is beautiful stuff, reminding me of Austrian AOR wonders Fahrenheit at their best. ‘Be There For You’ is a big fun sounding track – think Terra Nova’s ‘Come On’ from their 1997 album ‘Livin’ It Up’ and you’re in the zone. Keyboard-driven fans will love ‘The Appearance’, the intro to ‘Feels Like The First Time’ (not the Foreigner song). The synth solo/sequence takes up a good minute and a half before the rest of the band kick in. And a lovely keyboard laced affair it is too.

RESCUE - Rescue [Ltd Edition Remastered Numbered Gold Disc]

‘Sometimes’ is full of punchy keyboard Pomp parps while the mid-tempo ‘Fire Still Burning’ could melt you with luscious melodies instead of pyromania-induced rock.
The albums finishes up with the intense power-ballad ‘Deeper’, it’s lighters-in-the-air stuff, where atmospherics abound.

Without doubt this is a quality Pomp AOR album with all that first half / mid-Eighties magic, and should be in your collection by automatic decree.
This excellent gold disc is the one to get, at least, a used copy.
Awesome stuff


01 – Don’t Call Me Crazy
02 – Face To Face
03 – Into The Night
04 – Hold On
05 – Be There For You
06 – The Appearance (Intro) Feels Like The First Time
07 – Sometimes
08 – Fire’s Still Burning
09 – Deeper

Thorsten Neumann – lead and backing vocals
Jörg Schröder – guitars, backing vocals
Henning Reese – bass, backing vocals
Jochen Steinberg (not credited) – drums
Sebastian Kinder (not credited) – keys, backing vocals


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  1. Tommy D says:

    WOW, thanks!!!
    Do you have Urgent “Timing” in the same series?

  2. Omar says:

    Thanks Admin ,Great Album

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