SIAM (TONY MILLS) ‎- The Language Of Menace [Limited Edition 2-CD / 11 Unreleased Tracks]

SIAM (TONY MILLS) ‎- The Language Of Menace [Limited Edition 2-CD / 11 Unreleased Tracks] full

As you may know, extraordinary vocalist TONY MILLS passed away this week, and we’re remembering him here with his own band SIAM, and the very rare, collectors edition of their first album “The Language Of Menace [Limited Edition 2-CD / 11 Unreleased Tracks]”. This special release features the album as it was originally intended with extra tracks, a different track list & some different mixes, plus a bonus disc including previously unreleased versions of the album’s tracks and ‘an exclusive advance track from the new Siam album’ as it says on the cover sticker, but never included and exclusive to this 2-CD pack.

With his unique voice Mills graced many albums for other artists, and while he was part of SHY’s best era and TNT, Siam was his own creation, a band he always regarded as his best work.

Musically, “The Language Of Menace” brings to mind second half of the ’80s Queensryche (Rage For Order / Operation : Mindcrime), but much more dynamic, melodic and with a hard rock approach. At places, I could make a Pink Cream 69 comparison as well, however Siam’s sound is very distinctive.

Tony’s vocals shine all over the album, expansive, stratospheric, delivering tons of nuances from impossible high notes to delicate melodious verses.
Listen to “Open Your Eyes” as example.. Wow… I just can’t take this song out of my head.

SIAM (TONY MILLS) ‎- The Language Of Menace [Limited Edition 2-CD / 11 Unreleased Tracks] back

This never heard before ‘original version’ works much better, with interludes creating atmospheres and reinforcing the concept of the album about some sort of conspiracy to overtake government.
Siam and perhaps Tony Mills’ best album just got better.
HIGHLY Recommended


CD 1:
01 – Candidate [Unreleased]
02 – The Search
03 – Open Your Eyes
04 – Signals Of Intuition
05 – Road To Glory [Unreleased]
06 – Midnight Connection
07 – Fear [Unreleased]
08 – The Language Of Menace
09 – Cato Street
10 – The Fall
11 – So Wild Is Our World
12 – Nightflight To Heaven
13 – Vague Memory [Unreleased]
14 – Realisation [Unreleased]
15 – The Last Sunrise

CD 2:
01 – Looking For A Leader [Unreleased version]
02 – Midnight Connection [Unreleased version]
03 – The Language Of Menace [Unreleased version]
04 – Fight No More [Unreleased version]
05 – Vague Memory [Unreleased version]
06 – So Wild Is Our World [Unreleased version]
07 – Dignity Plan [Unreleased version]
08 – The Language Of Menace (Acoustic Version)

Tony Mills – all lead and backing vocals
Chris Ward Evans – lead guitar
Darren Horton – rhythm guitar
Andy Faulkner – bass
Pano Moullaris – drums


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