RESURRECTION MARY – Moon Over Babylon [Previously Unreleased / Remastered] (2019)

RESURRECTION MARY - Moon Over Babylon [Previously Unreleased / Remastered] (2019) full

Fronted by Eddie Robison before became famous joining Alleycat Scratch, US hard rockers RESURRECTION MARY recorded a bunch of songs produced by L.A. Guns guitarist Tracii Guns with the hope of securing a record deal. It never happened, but these tracks alongside additional material the band demoed back in the ’80s finally are being released under the title “Moon Over Babylon“.

“Moon Over Babylon, the album that almost didn’t happen, is finally upon us with great delight to Resurrection Mary and die-hard cult fans who have been calling for a release of the band’s material for ages.
Underground yet with a strong fan base, Resurrection Mary played the entire Bay Area circuit and LA famous clubs including gigs with Badlands, Bang Tango, Love/Hate, Junkyard and L.A Guns.

The band was formed by former 151 Swing lead guitarist Vince Flores and lead singer Eddie Robison (later joined Alleycat Scratch) who found one another through classified ads in a local music rag.
They decided on a name out of a book of a real life haunting called The Haunted Heartland, where they found a story of a famous Chicago ghost named Mary who was buried in Resurrection Cemetery after being killed while leaving a local dance hall. She is rumored to still make appearances at clubs, bars and hitchhiking on dark roads near the cemetery.

After a gig at the Whisky, the boys met their financial backer and quickly went into two of the top recording studios in LA, Music Grinder and Westlake Studios, with their new producer Tracii Guns, lead guitar player of LA Guns.
Tracii secured Micaja Ryan (Appetite for Destruction) to engineer the five songs which led to the band being represented by powerhouse attorney David Rudich (Mötley Crüe, KISS).

RESURRECTION MARY - Moon Over Babylon [Previously Unreleased / Remastered] (2019) inside

The push for a major record deal culminated with a private showcase at LA’s Leads Studios for several high-profile A&R reps and with a trip to New York City with LA Guns to meet their label people at the kick off for the Hollywood Vampires tour at the Limelight in NYC.
As is often heard, creative differences got in the way and the rest is history.

Musically, this is classic Sunset Strip hard rock yet without the glammy touch, as when these songs were recorded (1990-91) the genre already morphed to more organic sound. All are very solid and pretty catchy tunes well arranged and performed, and without a doubt Resurrection Mary got the chops to make it big.
Highly Recommended


01 – Resurrection Mary
02 – Delta Train
03 – Moon Over Babylon
04 – I Am The Fire
05 – Seventh Veil
06 – Creepy Joe
07 – Let It Bleed
08 – Half Way Home
09 – Season Of The Witch
10 – Lost Children

Eddie Robison – Vocals
Vince Flores – Guitar
Glen White – Guitar
Emmanuel Nadam – Bass
Xavier Tatouage – Drums



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