PINK CREAM 69 – One Size Fits All [Japan HR/HM Legend 1000 Remasters] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

PINK CREAM 69 - One Size Fits All [Japan HR/HM Legend 1000 Remasters] (2019) full

From time to time Japanese record labels subsidiary release special series, like the new HR / HM LEGEND 1000 series featuring low priced reissues of great hard rock bands available for a limited period of time until the end of 2020. Included is this remastered version of “One Size Fits All“, PINK CREAM 69‘s second album.
This is the only remastering available of “One Size Fits All”, a terrific melodic hard rock opus.

With “One Size Fits All” Pink Cream 69 begin to take their first steps into what they would eventually evolve into today. Although there is still a bit of the party rock element left over from the self titled debut, there also a sense of maturity.
Andi Deris has more control over his voice than he did on the former album and he has penned some stellar songs on here as well, plenty of that European Melodic Hard Rock magic.

Indeed, all songs here are really well composed, with a flare for both the hard rock drama of the vast, ’80s radio market overseas, and the dirty and crunch of roots NWOBHM and European legends like Judas Priest, Accept, Def Leppard, and more.
Of course, it helps that this singer has the rare ability to turn almost any glass of water into wine, and Andy’s vocals truly soar across the steady rolling ‘Talk To the Moon’ (imagine Deris had replaced Don Dokken in Dokken), or the tasteful metallic licks of ‘Hell’s Gone Crazy’ which is not unlike an earlier Pretty Maids tune: playful, passionate and fully cognizant of a host of ’70s and ’80s hard rock influences.

‘Do You Like it Like That?’ is another infectious tune that is a Pink Cream 69 classic. A bit of synth is used to back up the guitar harmonics and Andi’s vocals are the main focal point here. He carries most of the melodies with his voice and he carries them amazingly well I might say.
‘Walkin’ Out to Heaven’ and ‘Signs of Danger’ also paid the bills here in the uptempo department, both catchy and expressive, with good leads.

On the more melodic side, we have three semi-ballads (or midtempo if you want) on the album, with the addition of some clean parts in a few of the other tracks. Fortunately, there are are few singers more capable of pulling these off as an Andi Deris, and they’re just as memorable as much of the harder material.
‘Ballerina’ and ‘Where the Eagle Learns to Fly’ are the better of these, but the more uplifting power ballad ‘We Taught the Children’ rocks for much of its length, and is thus not far behind.

Released in the early ’90s, “One Size Fits All” is one of the strongest – for many, their best – Pink Cream 69 albums. All are very good songs, and ultimately it’s a shame this band did not get more attention than it did back in the day. A killer slice of classy European edgy Melodic Hard Rock, now available at maximum quality for a reasonable price.
HIGHLY Recommended

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Sony Music Japan ~ 【SICP-6176】 HR/HM Legend 1000 Remasters
ピンク・クリーム 69 / ワン・サイズ・フィッツ・オール

01 – Livin’ My Life For You
02 – Talk To The Moon
03 – Hell’s Gone Crazy
04 – Do You Like It Like That
05 – Ballerina
06 – Signs Of Danger
07 – Walkin’ Out To Heaven
08 – Stray Kid
09 – Piggy Back Bitch
10 – Where The Eagle Learns To Fly
11 – We Taught The Children

Andi Deris – vocals
Alfred Koffler – guitar
Dennis Ward – bass
Kosta Zafiriou – drums



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