CJSS – World Gone Mad [Deluxe Edition Remastered +4] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

CJSS - World Gone Mad [Deluxe Edition Remastered +4] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE* full

To be released next July 10th, we are presenting in exclusive the first time ever on standalone CD Deluxe Edition Remastered of “World Gone Mad“, the influential debut album from CJSS, guitar virtuoso David T. Chastain band.
Mentioned as influence by several acts such as Armored Saint or Leatherwolf, “World Gone Mad” is a great representation of the mid-80s American Metal sound, mixing metallic riffs with hard rock groove.
While being myself mostly a melodic hard rock / AOR listener, I bought this LP back in 1986 and I was floored, playing the vinyl to death.
The album has been fully remastered by Jamie King Audio and bolstered by four rare  tracks that never found their way onto a proper CJSS album.

Chastain formed CJSS in 1985 bringing with him two former members—Mike Skimmerhorn (bass) and Les Sharp (drums)—of his prior outfit, Spike, alongside charismatic vocalist Russell Jinkens (formerly of Prizoner).
The intention was for Chastain to focus on writing and performing his own original material in a manner true to his artistic vision. Based solely on the popularity of both Spike and Prizoner, more than 1,000 fans attended the very first CJSS live performance at Bogart’s in Cincinnati, OH; and by the summer of 1985 the group had already entered Counterpart Creative Studios to begin tracking their debut full-length with engineer Dale “Smitty” Smith.

Released in January of 1986 through Chastain’s own Leviathan Records (with a European pressing through Black Dragon Records), the 37-minute “World Gone Mad” was packed with powerfully diverse, melodic US metal / hard rock anthems and scorching leads aplenty—while lyrical themes encouraged listeners to hold strong in the face of the fear, anger, and depression of the world around them.
A quick U.S. tour in support of the album followed, and the admirably productive musicians would find themselves right back in the studio mere months later.
Killer album.

Only at 0dayrox


01 – Hell On Earth
02 – No Man’s Land
03 – Communication Breakdown
04 – World Gone Mad
05 – Run To Another Day
06 – Gates Of Eternity
07 – Destiny
08 – Welcome To Damnation
09 – Living In Exile
10 – Stand Up
11 – Wild In The Streets
12 – Forever Young
13 – Paradox 13

David T. Chastain (guitars)
Russell Jinkens (vocals)
Mike Skimmerhorn (bass)
Les Sharp (drums)



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