AC/DC – Live (Collectors Edition +9) [HDtracks Hi-Res Remastered] (2020)

AC/DC - Live (Collectors Edition +9) [HDtracks Hi-Res Remastered] (2020) full

As part of AC/DC‘s remastered 2020 reissues in a Hi-Resolution Audio, here’s the killer “Live“, one of the best live albums from the ’90s.
AC/DC and their record label did something very clever for their first live album with Brian Johnson in 1992. Instead of putting out a full-on and expensive double live album (well over $30 on CD in the 90’s) they allowed fans to choose a more economic option.

A single “highlights” version of AC/DC ‘Live’ was released simultaneously with 14 of the 23 tracks on one disc. AC/DC must have been one of the first bands to release a “collector’s edition” of an album with an extra CD at a higher price.
Of course to a real AC/DC fan, the single disc is for rookies. Sure, its firepower can’t be denied, but anybody with the dollars and a hard-on for AC/DC shelled out for the double. Their last live release was 1978’s ‘If You Want Blood You’ve Got It’ with Bon Scott, a mere single disc.

‘The Razors Edge’ album was a huge comeback for a band that never stopped, the tour was massive, and this resultant album is a document of this period.
With period hits like “Moneytalks” and “Heatseeker”, there are a few songs you won’t get live on some other releases. (These two are even on the single CD version).

There are also a couple nice long extended Angus jams, if you’re into the solos. Lastly, AC/DC ”Live” is the only live album with then (and present?) drummer Chris Slade.
While no one will deny that Phil Rudd is “the man” when it comes to AC/DC, Chris Slade is well-liked and deserves his place in history. He’s even on the album cover.
Highly Recommended


01 – Thunderstruck (Live – 1991)
02 – Shoot to Thrill (Live – 1991)
03 – Back In Black (Live – 1991)
04 – Sin City (Live – 1991)
05 – Who Made Who (Live – 1991)
06 – Heatseeker (Live – 1991)
07 – Fire Your Guns (Live – 1991)
08 – Jailbreak (Live – 1991)
09 – The Jack (Live – 1991)
10 – The Razors Edge (Live – 1991)
11 – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Live – 1991)
12 – Moneytalks (Live – 1991)

01 – Hells Bells (Live – 1991)
02 – Are You Ready (Live – 1991)
03 – That’s the Way I Wanna Rock ‘N’ Roll (Live – 1991)
04 – High Voltage (Live – 1991)
05 – You Shook Me All Night Long (Live – 1991)
06 – Whole Lotta Rosie (Live – 1991)
07 – Let There Be Rock (Live – 1991)
08 – Bonny (Live – 1991)
09 – Highway to Hell (Live – 1991)
10 – T.N.T. (Live – 1991)
11 – For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) (Live – 1991)

Brian Johnson – lead vocals
Angus Young – lead guitar
Malcolm Young – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Cliff Williams – bass guitar, backing vocals
Chris Slade – drums, percussion



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