COVERDALE / PAGE – Coverdale • Page [Japan Mini-LP Blu-specCD] Out of print

COVERDALE / PAGE - Coverdale • Page [Japan Mini-LP Blu-specCD] Out of print full

It’s been almost 30 years since Jimmy Page and David Coverdale joined forces for an album eventually released in 1993 as COVERDALE • PAGE, a fascinating alliance of two hard rock legends. While some first time Page fans initially didn’t liked the venture, they recognize “Coverdale • Page” is the best thing the guitarist did since Led Zeppelin.
This is a terrific classic rock album, varied, with rockers, ballads, blues, great performances and a fantastic production. This Japanese edition Mini-LP replica on Blu-specCD adds more depth to the huge drum sound.
In our opinion, an underrated gem, and a must in your collection.

At the early ’90s Jimmy Page wasn’t musically active as it was expected. After the disbandment of Led Zeppelin he was only able to release three albums: two with super group The Firm, and one solo album entitled Outrider.
On the other hand, David Coverdale had just disbanded Whitesnake for “technical reasons”. One of the reasons was that, at the time, factors such as videos, make-up and press influence were becoming more important than talent itself. The former lead singer of Deep Purple decided to call it quits and take some time, only to return in 1994.

The executive of Geffen Records, John Kalodner, wanted both artists to perform and compose an album together. Page agreed to a meeting with Coverdale, and both got along very well indeed.
After the meeting, the two artists decided to compose an entire album and tour in order to promote it.
The chemistry was really good and the composing process finished with over 50 tracks.

The initial writing for the Coverdale/Page album was sketched by the duo on a $50 Radio Shack cassette recorder and tapes of drum tracks. But it soon got more serious.
Coverdale and Page recruited a seasoned band to back them: bassists Ricky Philips (ex-The Babys and Bad English) and Jorge Casas, ex-Montrose and Heart drummer Denny Carmassi, plus keyboard player Lester Mendel.
Recording took place in Vancouver, Miami, London’s Abbey Road Studios and Nevada. If this was, as some at the time sneered, a half-hearted project, there was certainly much money and dedication involved: it took two years to be released, in 1993.

In fact, even a cursory listen shows that Page gave this album his all. It remains a Jimmy Page album that slipped under the radar.
Page’s guitar work was invigorating, from the sprightly 12-string acoustic motifs of “Shake My Tree” to the Zep-esque riffing of “Waiting on You,” “Hot Tonight, ”and “Pride and Joy.”
There were quite a few slower, blues-rock tracks that were equally as strong (“Take Me For a Little While” and the awesome “Over Now”) and the whole was formidable.
The production is smooth, huge, clean and powerful, very 1990-93.

On Coverdale/Page, Jimmy played harmonica for the first time since on his solo single “She Just Satisfies” in 1965. He plays a dulcimer on “Pride and Joy,” something he hadn’t done on record since “That’s the Way” on Led Zeppelin III. He also used a Gibson Les Paul fitted with a Transperformance system, Steinberg’s automated tuning system that was a precursor to Gibson’s own Robot Tuning technology.

Despite alt-rock dominating the charts and radio at the time, Coverdale/Page initially sold strongly, peaking at #5 in the U.S. (going platinum), with “Pride and Joy” and “Shake My Tree” earning considerable radio airplay.
In the end, Coverdale re-formed Whitesnake and Robert Plant returned to Page in 1994 for the No Quarter: Unledded album and, in 1998, the masterful Walking Into Clarksdale.

Coverdale / Page remains a fascinating detour for both. It’s a mandatory album for any fan of both musicians (who doesn’t?)


01 – Shake My Tree
02 – Waiting On You
03 – Take Me For A Little While
04 – Pride And Joy
05 – Over Now
06 – Feeling Hot
07 – Easy Does It
08 – Take A Look At Yourself
09 – Don’t Leave Me This Way
10 – Absolution Blues
11 – Whisper A Prayer For The Dying

David Coverdale – lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Jimmy Page – guitars, bass, harmonica, dulcimer
Denny Carmassi – drums, percussion
Jorge Casas – bass guitar
Lester Mendez – keyboards, percussion
additional musicians:
Ricky Phillips – bass on “Easy Does It” and “Absolution Blues”
John Harris – acoustic harmonica on “Pride and Joy”
John Sambataro – backing vocals
Tommy Funderburk – backing vocals


Out Of Print

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4 Responses

  1. Richard Waterman says:

    Thanks for this!!! this version has been on my wishlist for years!!! Excellent work.
    Many thanks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Outrider is a killer solo album (featuring Plant on one track), and is in my opinion the best thing he did since Led Zeppelin, (until reuniting again with Plant for a full album). The score to Death Wish 2 is also a hoot, featuring familiar Page motifs and some badass-playful jazz experimentation.

  3. Juanan says:

    UN discazo que oí muchísimo en un tiempo que el 70% de lo que oía era death metal, solo siendo seguidor del IV de Zeppelin y mucho de Whitesnake desde 1987, este me sorprendió, la atmósfera, las canciones, no se , pero muy bueno, ya va siendo hora de comprarme el cd

  4. Jay says:

    Thnx for this!

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