PEO – The Hardest Rock (2020)

PEO - The Hardest Rock (2020) full

Swede PEO Pettersson has been in music business for more than 35 years, known for playing in bands like Leviticus, King Of Dreams, Staggerwing as well as releasing a good number of solo albums being himself a skilled songwriter, producer, singer, and multi- instrumentalist.
Peo’s first solo album still is considered one of the best AOR releases from the Nineties, however Peo isn’t still and has developed a varied musical palette since.
The Hardest Rock” is inspired by the Seventies / Eighties arena rock classic style, driven by melodic guitar riffs, clean vocals, smooth keyboards and a steady rhythm section.


01 – A Violent Wind
02 – Long Way from Home
03 – Fighting Against the Time
04 – Nahham
05 – Random Pain
06 – Run for You Life
07 – Shine
08 – Skyrider
09 – When the Feeling Is Ending
10 – Caldera

Peo Pettersson – Vocals, Guitar
Dan Bostrom, Mike Därth – Guitars
Henric Johansson – Keyboards
Hans Dekke – Drums



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