SHAYNE MALONE – Symphony (2020)

SHAYNE MALONE - Symphony (2020) full

As we already heard on SHAYNE MALONE‘s previous albums, his new 2020 effort “Symphony” showcases the love for ’80s anthemic Melodic Hard Rock bands by this New Zealand musician.
Varied influences – but with Shayne’s own touch – are all over these songs, from BLUE TEARS or CASANOVA on ‘Digital Soldiers’ or mid-Eighties BON JOVI on the catchy ‘Even Roses Bleed’, to WINGER on tunes like ‘Warm Up My Heart’.

Shayne started to play guitar at his 9-year old and since has been part of various bands. He become professional at his 14 however opted for other job when got married after his twenties. But Shane never abandoned music.
Over the years he kept composing and playing, and finally decided to record his own songs, starting a solo career.

Malone manages everything himself: songwriting, almost all instruments & vocals, recording, production, and mix / mastering. With today’s available technology, he’s dare to replicate the multi-track layered production from the ’80s, and he does it darn well.

Alongside the likes of Dallas or Jace Pawlak, Shane Malone proves that if you have the skills and knowledge of how to write & arrange an 80s inspired tune, you can create a wonderful album by yourself.
“Symphony” is pure Eighties inspired Melodic Rock / AOR, don’t miss this one.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Digital Soldiers
02 – Even Roses Bleed
03 – Don’t Take My Life Away
04 – I’m Talking to You
05 – Burning for Your Heart
06 – Water Into Wine
07 – Warm Up My Heart
08 – My Angel
09 – Heaven Sent
10 – Wind of Darkness
11 – Always Wild

Shayne Malone – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Frazer Jones – Bass
Vinnie McParland – Drums



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