THE HEAT – Untold Story Vol. I (Out Of Print)

THE HEAT - Untold Story Vol. I (Out Of Print) full

As requested, here’s all the complete recordings from Hays, Kansas based mid-Eighties melodic rockers THE HEAT. Seems the band was a sensation at the time, and while they never got a major label deal, the guys managed to put on tape a bunch of their songs only locally released / distributed. They were so good that even a couple of these tunes appeared into a movie soundtrack.
“Untold Story Vol. I” is a collection of a somehow ‘lost’ band playing classic mid-Eighties US Melodic Rock / AOR ready for the radio, plenty of terrific melodies and choruses. And the best part of it: the sound quality / production is very good.
This is the actual CD (be aware there’s poor cassette versions floating around) fully remastered for your listening pleasure.

As example, just check out the pure pure A.O.R. heaven of “Heartaches”, a brilliant hookladen midtempo song with a pompy touch like a cross between SURVIVOR, STONE SOUP and DAKOTA.
The rocking ”Girl Like You” brings to mind the very early BLACK’N’BLUE), while “Caroline” is a great uptempo cheerful AOR / Melodic Rock number like 8084.

There’s some PREVIEW and PRISM circa 1986 on the catchy ”No More Promises”, and a lovely ballad in ”Angie” with some Dennis DeYoung songwriting-style in the verses.
“Too Far, Too Fast” is one of THE HEAT songs used for a movie, but there’s the original version too, a mixture of 1984 BON JOVI and BLUE TEARS.

THE HEAT - Untold Story Vol. I (Out Of Print) disc

More classic AOR is served with the pumping ”Right Before My Eyes”, then ”All The Way” is a song which seems influenced by the Scandinavian sound of GUARDIAN ANGELS and alike. The guitar solo kills.

Honestly, most the songs on ”Untold Story Vol. I” could have been radio hits between 1984-1986.
Lovers of classic, pompy, keyboard-filled / hook-laden Eighties AOR / Melodic Rock need to check these tunes as soon as possible.
As said, an actual CD version very hard to find (limited edition).


01 – Girl Like You
02 – Caroline
03 – Heartaches
04 – No More Promises
05 – Angie
06 – Too Far, Too Fast (Movie version)
07 – You Stand Strong
08 – All The Way
09 – My Love Is True
10 – Right Before My Eyes
11 – Through The Night
12 – Too Far, Too Fast (Original)

Lead Vocals – Dave Pfeifer
Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Danny Pfeifer
Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals – Tim Pfeifer
Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Anthony Pfeifer
Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals – Kori Wilcox


Out Of Print

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