EMERALD RISING – Emerald Rising (2020)

EMERALD RISING - Emerald Rising (2020) full

EMERALD RISING was formed in 2017 by guitarist Tom Cavanagh and vocalist Daena D. As the song writing progressed, they realized it was time to rock with a full band. They added Chris Parrett on bass and John LaSpina on drums, and now we have their self-titled debut album.
Their 10-track upcoming CD “Emerald Rising” is a proof that Classic Hard Rock isn’t dead in the USA, as this female-fronted 4-piece delivers a vibrant slice or arena-ready Seventies / Eighties rock n’ roll.
The band consists of seasoned musicians from Long Island, NY, who have toured all over the world with other acts an worked as session musicians, so expect quality performances and a strong production.
Highly Recommended


01. Stars to Man
02. Enough
03. Going Under
04. Done
05. Captured
06. Far Away
07. Running from the Moon
08. Religion
09. Lights Out
10. Stand up to the Beast

Daena D – Vocals
Thomas Cavanagh – Guitars, Vocals
Chris Parrett – Bass, Vocals
John LaSpina – Drums, Percussion



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