HEAVEN – Bent [CD version] + Twilight Of Mischief ’81 demo

HEAVEN - Bent + Twilight Of Mischief '81 demo full

Here we have Australians HEAVEN proper album titled “Bent”. This album is known by 3 different titles (and two different covers): ‘Twilight Of Mischief’, ‘Heaven’ and ‘Heaven-Bent’, and tracklist also differs. “Bent” is the ‘international’ release, with some tracks remixed as well.
This is not the only remastered version available, but it sounds very good to my ears. That remastered reissue includes as bonus tracks Heaven’s early demos taped in 1981, also known as ‘Twilight Of Mischief ’81 demos‘.
Don’t worry, we have added those demos anyway, very, very rare stuff.

Fronted Scots-born Australian charismatic vocalist Allan ‘Eddie’ Fryer (RIP), the band was founded under the name Fat Lip in 1980, soon changing the name to Heaven.
Around the time, Fryer auditioned for AC/DC following the death of Bon Scott in 1980, and believed he’d landed the job. As you know, Brian Johnson was chosen.

But the connection paid its dividends, because Heaven resulted managed by Michael Browning (AC/DC) who helped the band to make an impact internationally courtesy of a worldwide deal with RCA Records.
The group recorded their first demos in 1981, and after many gigs and line-up changes, Heaven issued the single ‘Fantasy’ and a debut album titled ‘Twilight Of Mischief’ before relocated to Los Angeles.

Debut ‘Twilight Of Mischief’ was later re-released by CBS Records with a new cover, revised track listing (“Tuesday Morning” was replaced with “In the beginning” & “One Nighter”) and a new album title of “Bent”, as a New York band momentary had the rights to the Heaven tag over there.
In America the band opened up shows for Kiss, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath, among others.

On this first effort, Heaven sounds typically Aussie-rock from the era: riff driven rock n’ roll with AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, The Angels flavors. Songs like ‘Fantasy’, ‘Take You Higher’, ‘Storm’ and the bluesy ‘One Nighter’ certainly take this path, but Heaven added a touch of commercialism on ‘In The Beginning’ (their first US single) more in touch with the American sound of the era.
‘The Ballad’ is exactly that, a slow heavy tune showcasing Fryer’s talents, while ‘Suck City’ leans to a more classic rock sound akin The Angels.

HEAVEN - Bent + Twilight Of Mischief '81 demo - back

Heaven released three albums, all pretty different sound-wise / style. This first effort is all about rock n’ roll, and on many songs, apart from the aforementioned comparisons, they remind me of early Riot.
The ‘Twilight Of Mischief ’81 demos’ are in the same style – obviously with less production values, rawer – and we find the track ‘Tuesday Morning’, not included into “Bent”.
Strongly Recommended out of print collectible stuff.


01 – Fantasy
02 – Nothing To Lose
03 – Take You Higher
04 – Storm
05 – One Nighter
06 – In The Beginning
07 – No One Knows
08 – The Ballad
09 – Get A Move On
10 – Suck City

Twilight Of Mischief ’81 demo:
11 – Fantasy (’81 demo)
12 – Nothing To Lose (’81 demo)
13 – Take You Higher (’81 demo)
14 – Tuesday Morning (’81 demo)
15 – Storm (’81 demo)
16 – No One Knows (’81 demo)
17 – The Ballad (’81 demo)
18 – Get A Move On (’81 demo)
19 – Suck City (’81 demo)

Allan Fryer – Vocals
Kelly – Guitars
Mick Cocks – Guitars
Laurie Marlow – Bass
Joe Turtur – Drums
Jimmy Zazla – guest Sax


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