THE COMPULSIONS (feat Bumblefoot) – Ferocious (2020)

THE COMPULSIONS (feat Bumblefoot) - Ferocious (2020) full

THE COMPULSIONS features fine musicians with a long pedigree having played / been part of the likes GUNS N’ ROSES to the NEW YORK DOLLS to DAVID BOWIE, and it shows – this is rock ‘n roll at its finest and the album proves Rob Carlyle, leader singer/songwriter, will not be defeated in his mission to deliver roots rock to the masses, despite changes to the line up and a 5 year gap between albums.
”Ferocious” delivers track after track of kick ass, roots original rock which is contagious and fun, with a blend of metal, blues and country rock influences, this album flies on every level. Carlyle’s vocals and lyrics are superb with a real gravelly edge that just transports me to imagining this band playing live, in a real grass roots music venue with the audience lapping up every riff, beat and chorus.

Alongside own compositions, ”Ferocious” comes loaded with covers of the Rolling Stones‘ “Dead Flowers” and Guns N’ Roses‘ tune “Dust N’ Bones.” According to reports, this ain’t just by mistake. Carlyle‘s initial vision for The Compulsions was to land somewhere between the Stones and Guns N’ Roses, and this time around, he’s not interested in just hinting about it and man, it works.
Fans of bands influenced by both former Guns guitarists Izzy Stradlin and Gilby Clarke will flat out love the no holds barred, non-filtered rock and roll on ”Ferocious”.

My pick of the original tracks …tough choice, they’re all good! However, I really loved ‘Ferocious’, ‘Band of Thieves’ and ‘Dirt Bag Blues’ which sums up rock n roll!
“Born on a Landfill” a wonderful little ditty right out of the Izzy Stradlin meets a bit of the Georgia Satellites with some awesome organ wheezing for good measure. As openers go this ones so laid back it’s positively horizontal.
“Band Of Thieves” is a bit more psychedelic with a big punch about it. As for the more hard-rocking how about “Addicted”? With its slide and big groove its a killer track and the louder the better. If you’re wondering what the Funk I’m on about well that curveball comes courtesy of “Funk #666” with its huge groove. This one should be a sweaty dance floor classic. The rhythm section is thunderous.

The Compulsions‘ newest album is a much-needed full-length rock and roll record delivered at a time when the world is in dire need of such things. Yeah, the pedigree of the musicians is through the roof but instead of trying to make comparisons to past work, ”Ferocious” is perfectly capable of standing on its own as just a really good rock record.
Once again, Rob Carlyle has put together a solid disc of tunes that in a perfect world would be ideal for classic rock radio
I defy anyone not to like this album … I for one, would be queueing up to see The Compulsions live and to shake Rob Carlyle’s hand for his latest rock n roll masterpiece – long may this line up continue!
Highly Recommended


01 – Born On A Landfill
02 – Band Of Thieves
03 – Addicted
04 – Dead Flowers
05 – Dirtbag Blues
06 – Funk #666
07 – Killer In The Woodshed
08 – Dust N’ Bones
09 – Ferocious
10 – Man With No Name

Rob Carlyle – vocals, guitar
Bumblefoot – guitar
Earl Slick – guitar
Hugh Pool – guitar, harmonica, backing vocals
Alec Morton – bass
Brian Delaney – drums
Frank Ferrer – drums
Andrew Sherman – keyboards
Nicki Richards – backing vocals
Ken Rich – bass
Craig Dreyer – saxophone
Ethan Eubanks – drums
Peter Adams – keyboards
Chris Eminizer – saxophone
Jake Lummus – backing vocals



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    Wow, This is a Great Album. Do you have any of the Earlier Albums/EPs.

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