AUTUMN’S CHILD – Angel’s Gate [Japan Edition +1] (2020)

AUTUMN'S CHILD - Angel's Gate [Japan Edition +1] (2020) full

AOR Heaven Records will release AUTUMN’S CHILD new album “Angel’s Gate” in February 2021, but as usual – and as happened with LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM – the Japanese edition appears at the end of each year, ready for the Holidays.
With Last Autumn’s Dream put on hiatus, frontman Mikael Erlandsson formed AUTUMN’S CHILD last year and presented a self-titled debut. It is dream-team with a background in which each member is active or been a member in a well-known band such as H.E.A.T., Eclipse, WET, Moon Safari, Heartbreak Radio and of course, Last Autumn’s Dream.
Indeed, having Pontus Akesson (MOON SAFARI), Jona Tee (H.E.A.T) or Robban Back (ECLIPSE, WET) as bandmates, Erlandsson could be more than satisfied. Musically, the vocalist sounds re-freshed as well: working with new people re-energize.

“Angel’s Gate” gets you moving from the beginning with the uber dynamic opener “Where Angels Cry”, an anthemic, grandiose melodic rocker, one of the best album starters I heard this year. There’s awesome layers of harmony vocals and a killer guitar/keyboard interplay.

Next, ‘Aquarius Sky’ is more sweet however guitars still bite, then with ‘Don’t Say That It’s Love’ the band goes back to 1988 for a soaring classic Scandi AOR tune to die for. There’s some British touches too ala Strangeways or FM.
We have a big ballad with ‘A Tear From the Sky’, not chessy at all and quite elaborated.
Some LAD sound of the past appear with the catchy ‘Love Is Not an Enemy’, a very upbeat and jouyful rocker is presented with ‘Straight Between the Eyes’, and to taste Mikael sweet and still impressive vocals, check out the velvet ballad ‘Don’t Ever Leave Me’.

I am pretty surprised byt the QUEEN influences on the melodic ‘A Piece of Work’ (and I like it a lot!). In the vein of the modern, new wave of Swedish melodic rock we have midtempo AORish ‘Only Love Can Save the World’.
Japanese bonus track ‘Back To the Other Side’ is one of the best songs – so you need this Asian release. This is kick ass rocker and a spotlight for Jona Tee: yes, the song’s solo isn’t by guitar, but an ivory run akin the ’80s.

AUTUMN’S CHILD second effort “Angel’s Gate” is even better than the already stupendous self-titled debut. The songs are crafted at maximum detail, musicianship is pot notch, and production balanced, melodic.
A great way to end this complicated year listening this complete, compelling melodic rock album.
One of the best of 2020


01 – Where Angels Cry
02 – Aquarius Sky
03 – Don’t Say That It’s Love
04 – A Tear From the Sky
05 – Love Is Not an Enemy
06 – The Dream of America
07 – Straight Between the Eyes
08 – Don’t Ever Leave Me
09 – A Piece of Work
10 – Only Love Can Save the World
11 – Your Words
12 – Back To the Other Side [Japan Bonus Track]

Mikael Erlandsson – Vocals (Last Autumn’s Dream)
Jona Tee – Keyboards (H.E.A.T.)
Robban Back – Drums (ex-Eclipse)
Pontus Akesson – Guitars (Moon Safari)
Claes Andreasson – Bass, Additional Keyboards (Heartbreak Radio)



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    Don’t know how to PM you so… Happy Christmas bud! Thanks for yet another year of phenomenal releases. We’d be lost without you. Have a good one.

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