LITTLE RED KINGS – The Magic Show Part One (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

LITTLE RED KINGS - The Magic Show Part One (2020) full

The future of British classic rock is in safe hands as long as outfits such as LITTLE RED KINGS are around to ply their trade with such grit and tunefulness. The Norfolk based band’s deliciously organic approach to music-making has prompted favorable comparisons to everyone, but they have found their own identity with their new album “The Magic Show Part One“.
Take some Seventies British bluesy-rock giants, sprinkles of Led Zeppelin & AC/DC, then add a phenomenally-tight melodic production and engineering job to the music, and you’ll have Little Red Kings new CD.

The swaggering opener ‘Harry’s Town’ starts things off in fine style, big riffs, catchy chorus and a gang chorus on the outro. Hardly time to draw your breath as ‘Almost Over’ breezes in on a tasty Hammond riff. Vocalist Jason Wick certainly has the pipes to deliver this type of bluesy rock that tips a respectful nod to the likes of Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin, whilst adding in Little Red Kings own sound.

Most songs on display naturally gravitate towards a glam sort of stomp. Sure, it’s chilling to the bone when Wick’s vocals are left alone with a six-string crunch in “Mama’s Boy” to mix the Wensum’s water and the Mississippi’s mud, but once “Almost Over” has betrayed the team’s affection for classic rhythm-and-blues and let the listener rave up to the organ roar and motorik groove until AC/DC guitar filigree would signal the coda, the group’s genuine hearts start to bloom on their sleeve.

Whether it’s the sly delight of “That’s What You Do” that rocks with much panache or the almost a cappella onset of “Peppermint” which takes country sway for a suburban ride, there’s something irresistible about these numbers.
Proving they like to go wherever the music takes them, the piano led ‘Norfolk Border’ is full of soothing vocals and gentle atmospherics.

Little Red Kings have found their sound big time on this album, making it one to be played often and loud. Working in their own studio and creating music together has paid off big time. Even better is that this album is only part one, roll on part two!
They deserve a wider audience, go listen to this fine classic rock music.
Highly Recommended


01 – Harry’s Town
02 – Almost Over
03 – That’s What You Do
04 – Mama’s Boy
05 – Weather the Storm
06 – Peppermint
07 – Lose the Light
08 – Norfolk Border
09 – Magic Show

Jason Wick (vocals, guitar)
John Pallister (keys, vocals)
Harry Wickham (drums)
Dougie Archer (guitar)
Ben Beach (bass)



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  1. stefan says:

    Hi, This is an request. The band name is HERO and made two albums 1977 and 1978 “Hero” and ” Boys will be boys” never seen on cd.
    Cheers Stefan

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