MAX BACON (feat GTR members) – The Higher You Climb [second press CD]

MAX BACON (feat GTR members) - The Higher You Climb [second press CD] full

With the recent GTR posts many asked for more material from vocalist MAX BACON. “The Higher You Climb” is his first solo album released in 1995, but in fact all these songs were recorded in the ’80s.
Taped at different sessions, what we have here are songs composed by Bacon for a solo album and featuring Scott Gorham (Thin Lizzy, 21 Guns), Michael Sturgis (also 21 Guns) among other session players.
But other tracks are songs originally planned for GTR’s second album, and where most members agreed to record their parts (Steve Howe, Phil Spalding, even Robert Berry – GTR member before the band broke up). These are not the ‘Nerotrend’ demos, but newly recorded songs.
Bacon was close to be part of Asia too, so Geoff Downes is playing on several tracks here.
The overall sound is more AOR than Bacon’s previous bands, and as bonus tracks there’s two prev. unreleased GTR live recordings, including Yes’ classic ‘Roundabout’.
The original press of “The Higher You Climb” ended with a not so good mastering, this is the corrected second batch mostly shipped to the Japanese market.


01 – The Higher You Climb
02 – Boys From Diamond City
03 – Walk Away
04 – All Grown Up
05 – When I Was Young
06 – Hold Him Closer
07 – Desperate Times
08 – Love Comes Down
09 – Hungry Warrior
10 – No One Else To Blame
11 – I Know What I Like (Live)
12 – Roundabout (Live)

Vocals – Max Bacon
Guitar – Steve Hackett (tracks: 11, 12) (GTR)
Guitar – Steve Howe (tracks: 9, 10, 11, 12) (GTR)
Guitar – Scott Gorham (tracks: 1, 2) (Thin Lizzy, 21 Guns)
Keyboards – Geoff Downes (tracks: 1, 2, 9) (Asia, Yes)
Keyboards – John Young (tracks: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) (Fish)
Keyboards – Matt Clifford (tracks: 11, 12) (GTR)
Bass – Phil Spalding (tracks: 9, 10, 11, 12) (GTR)
Bass, Keyboards – Robert Berry (10) (GTR)
Drums – Jonathan Mover (tracks: 11, 12) (GTR)
Drums – Michael Sturgis (tracks: 1, 2) (21 Guns)
Drums – Nigel Glockler (tracks: 9, 10) (Asia, Saxon)


Out of Print

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