NIGHTWING – Stand Up And Be Counted [digitally remastered] *EXCLUSIVE*

NIGHTWING - Stand Up And Be Counted [digitally remastered] full

As requested, here’s the recently released remastered reissue of NIGHTWING‘s album “Stand Up And Be Counted“. Something of a hard rock supergroup, at various times Nightwing featured former members of Nutz, Trapeze, Bronz, Strife, Budgie and other renowned bands. Originally issued in 1983, their cult classic third album makes its long-awaited return to CD here.
Featuring excellent singer Max Bacon (later of GTR), “Stand Up And Be Counted” is a classy collection of melodic hard rock in the first half of the ’80s British style, including keyboards and melodic progressive passages.

Nightwing were unfortunately one of the “lesser” known bands of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene, and, indeed, probably weren’t even considered as a rightful member of the movement as they tended to veer in a more progressive/hard rock keyboard orientated direction, much the same as Magnum.

The band’s roots go back to the late Seventies when they evolved out of Strife, hard rock trio who recorded two quite good albums, one in 1975 and the other in 1978. Lack of interest caused their break-up, and bassist/vocalist Gordon Rowley formed Nightwing in 1979. They released their first album, “Something in the Air”, in 1980, and it was fairly well received, but it was this second album, complete with it’s stunning musicianship and melody, that impressed the music press, and it was given rave reviews.

At the time, unknown vocalist Max Bacon joined the band for their third album “Stand up and be Counted” in 1983, again with interesting, different arrangements and melodic touches here and there.
Musically the album has that British sound from the first half of the 80s, but far from the classic NWoBHM riff based mould. Here’s more refinement, melodies, and even melodic rock moments.
Additionally, “Stand up and be Counted” brings to mind the type of music some American bands like Styx and Kansas were doing at the time.

Unknown for many, NIGHTWING’s “Stand Up And Be Counted” has a wide appeal ranging from ’80s traditional hard rock fans to classic rock / melodic progressive of all time, with elements of Magnum, Kansas, Styx and Praying Mantis.
This is a very good remaster done four years ago with a ‘vinyl flavor’, very well balanced.
Highly Recommended


01 – Let Me Be Your Lover
02 – Treading Water
03 – The Machine
04 – Dressed to Kill
05 – Stand Up and Be Counted
06 – Next Saturday
07 – Still in Love with You
08 – Games to Play
09 – Call Your Name
10 – The Last Song

Max Bacon – vocals
Steve Bartley – drums
Alex Johnson – guitar
Kenny Newton – keyboards
Gordon Rowley – bass



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