HERO – Boys Will Be Boys [0dayrox own LP rip]

HERO - Boys Will Be Boys [0dayrox own LP rip] full

Now this is a very nice request; the second and final album from American melodic rock / pomp band HERO, titled “Boys Will Be Boys“. Never reissued on CD, the 0dayrox team did a pristine, clean rip from the vinyl LP.
With a certain pomp AOR touch but definitely melodic rock with a catchy sound reminiscent of CHEAP TRICK, this Californian five-piece HERO were quite the buzz back in the late Seventies. Boyish good looks, a FM radio melodic sound that rode the razors edge of rock, and very good songwriting / musicianship.

The band featured the Houle brothers, a good singer in Scott Phares, and a very good Canadian guitarist by the name of Neil Citron. Aged 17 at the time, Citron would go on to become a well known guitarist in L.A for many years to come, working with a host of artists, including Lana Lane and Quiet Riot on their ‘Rehab’ album, among others .

Wind the clock back to 1978, Hero were casting their brand of catchy and melodic poppy rock to whomever was listening. Musically, they peddled a sound similar to The Babys, Cheap Trick, Face Dancer, etc.
Singer Scott Phares came from the band Hollywood Stars, and rumor has it that before he joined, a certain Dave Lee Roth had an audition for the band. Would’ve made an interesting combination!

Their self-titled debut was issued in 1977 and despite good reviews, the album stalled and Hero were quickly dropped from their contract with Mercury Records. Then band mangers were unwavering believers in the group and vowed to find the band a new home.
The following year, 20th Century Records added Hero to their roster and “Boys Will Be Boys” was released.

With “Boys Will Be Boys”, the band cranked up guitars, attitude and energy. If the front cover was an indication of their image and musical direction, then it certainly worked.
Take a listen to Hero’s boisterous radio rock such as ‘Somebody’s Calling’, the melodic raucousness of ‘Heard You In The Alley’ or the good time edgy rock n roll of ‘Back On The Street’.

‘You Take My Breath Away’ is a fast paced rocker – in keeping with the theme of the song. The organ work here is very cool, as is the terrific riffing from Citron.
‘Somethings In The Air’ is a stomping piece with rolling drums, zany keyboard parts and a Cheap Trick / Robin Zander vocal delivery from Phares.

”Boys Will Be Boys” is an undiscovered cult classic from the late Seventies. This album has a heap of keyboards, great guitar work (from an acknowledged guitar great in Citron), fun rockin’ tunes, and a happy go lucky sort of vibe.
Though their two albums were not commercially successful, the band hung around until at least the early 80s, with future Black Sabbath vocalist David Donato even joining the vocal ranks at one stage.
For what it’s worth ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ is a definite keeper.

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01 – Boys Will Be Boys
02 – Somebody’s Calling
03 – I Get Mad
04 – Rock & Roll Is Here To Stay
05 – Back On The Streets
06 – It’s Only Make Believe
07 – One More Time
08 – I Heard You In The Ally
09 – Children’s Crusade
10 – Too Hard To Lose
11 – You Take My Breath Away
12 – Something’s In The Air

Scott Phares – Vocals
Neil Citron – Guitar
Jeff Houle – Bass, vocals
Curt Houle – Keyboards, vocals
Jeff Jones – Drums, vocals


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  1. J Richter says:

    Fantastic band and album. Glad to know I’m not the only one who remembers and digs them. The first album is great, though maybe a bit too sanitized. The follow-up is indeed an upgrade across the board. Manager Con Merten and producer Michael Lloyd pushed hard for the band but they were never afforded much opportunity to tour and label promotion was rather thin, which most certainly impacted their visibility. They did subsequently record an obscure single “Living In The Land of Oz” b/w “Captain Video” in 1979 on Interplanetary Records.

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