LEGS DIAMOND – Out On Bail +6 [Rock Candy Remastered] (2020)

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Rock Candy specialists have remastered & reloaded LEGS DIAMOND‘s three ’80s albums, their more commercial / melodic hard rock oriented records. “Out On Bail” sports that magic sound from the era which was released; 1984. Now properly remastered and including 6 bonus tracks, this album belongs to your Eighties AOR / MHR collection.
There’s radio friendly melodies, cool choruses, runs of synths and that big, huge reverb drums.

Nothing was ever easy for Legs Diamond. As one of the greatest, yet largely unheralded, groups based in the USA they had experienced a succession of difficulties that under any normal circumstances would have permanently sunk a band.
Whilst that possibility had hung over them like a black cloud, causing a few members to question the band s viability and work on other projects, eventually the central core of keyboardist Michael Prince, drummer Jeff Poole and vocalist Rick Sandford came back together with a reinvigorated and determined sense of purpose.

Casting around for a new recording opportunity, the band happened upon a new small independent operation from Los Angeles, that had recently issued RATT’s highly lauded debut EP, who offered to fund a similar EP for Legs.
With the addition of new blood in bassist Mike Christie and hot shot guitarist Jim May, the band entered Sound City Studio in Los Angeles and cut ‘Out On Bail’, a remarkable record, somewhat controversial for its partial use of electronic triggered drums. But it was 1984, and the band needed an update.

Fortunately the quality of the material easily outshone such criticism, allowing Legs Diamond to be hailed as a welcome return to form.

LEGS DIAMOND - Out On Bail +6 [Rock Candy Remastered] (2020) back

The band’s reputation also secured the record a release in the UK and Europe, with the addition of a further two tracks. Songs such as Walk Away , Fugitive , Find Out The Hardway and the title track attracted considerable attention in the European press, giving the band a new lease of life after years spent battling apathy in their native country.
In fact, the record set the scene for Legs to establish something a strong following in Europe.
Highly Recommended


01 – Out on Bail
02 – Fugitive
03 – Walk Away
04 – Doomsday Flight
05 – Find It out the Hard Way
06 – Nobody’s Fool
07 – Seems Like a Dream
08 – One Way Ticket
09 – Radio
10 – Hey Texas
11 – One Last Kiss
12 – Heroes
13 – Broken Heart / One Last Kiss

Rick Sandford – Vocals
Jim May – Guitars
Mike Christie – Bass
Michael Prince – Keyboards, Guitar
Jeff Poole, Dusty Watson – Drums
Michael Diamond – Bass on bonus tracks



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    Would it be possible to reupload the earlier Legs Diamond Rock Candy reissues, Thanks for this!

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