ERIC MARTIN – Eric Martin [Japan remastered SHM-CD] Out of Print

ERIC MARTIN - Eric Martin [Japan remastered SHM-CD] (2016) full

Eric Martin” is the self-titled debut by gifted vocalist ERIC MARTIN (Mr. Big), for many years hard to find and reissued by Universal Music Japan in their remastered SHM-CD 2016 reissue series. Unfortunately it’s out of print again.

Eric Martin, the man with the eternal babyface, achieved world-wide fame as Mr. Big frontman at the end of the ’80s, but the vocalist had a strong career before that.
After playing with several bands in his native Long Island, NY, his moment arrived when his Eric Martin Band signed a deal with Journey management and Elektra/Asylum, who released their debut album ‘Sucker For A Pretty Face’ , also featured at 0dayrox.

The album was a success, gold certified and the Eric Martin Band toured the world and played with th likes of ZZ Top, Night Ranger and of course, Journey. But despite continuing to land high-profile gigs as support for some of the most popular acts at the time, the band decided to split up early in 1985.

Few know that Eric Martin auditioned for the vocalist slot in Toto, Van Halen and Rainbow, but in fact, he was pursuing a solo career. Martin started writing songs with Neal Schon (same management) and one of the tracks was selected for the soundtrack of the now cult movie called ‘Teachers’.
Released by Capitol, it was this ‘Teachers’ contribution that brought Eric Martin to the attention of Don Grierson, head of A&R at Capitol. A deal quickly followed and the sessions for the solo debut “Eric Martin” started.
And what a stellar line-up was put at Martin’s service… Steve Lukather (Toto), Randy Jackson (Zebra), the great Michael Boddicker on keys and many other LA Session monsters.

We find wonderful AOR tracks like ‘Call Of The Wild’, ‘Secrets In The Dark’, or the keyboard/synth filled ‘She’s Out For Blood’.
An addictive rhythm drives ‘Pictures’, there’s a melodic poppy bliss on ‘Information’ (which ranked well on Billboard) and a smooth ballad in ‘Just One Night’.

There’s also a hidden gem here. Eric Martin contributed with 3 songs composed & performed by him for the blockbuster movie Iron Eagle, but only one was featured on the Soundtrack CD.
One of these not included is the lovely melodic diamond ‘Eyes Of The World’, only available on this album and a must for soundtrack collectors.

“Eric Martin” is a treasure from the ’80s that no Melodic Rock / AOR enthusiast should be without.
This Japanese SHM-CD sounds punchy & bright, and really worth hunt down at least for an used copy.
HIGHLY Recommended


Universal Japan ~ UICY-25656
【SHM-CD】 E R I C   M A R T I N

01 – Call Of The Wild
02 – Pictures
03 – Secrets In The Dark
04 – Information
05 – She’s Out For Blood
06 – Eyes Of the World
07 – Can’t Hold On, Can’t Let Go
08 – Finders, Keepers
09 – Lyin’ In A Bed Of Fire
10 – Just One Night

Eric Martin: Vocals, Keyboards
Steve Lukather: Guitar
Waddy & Richard Wachtel: Guitar
Michael Boddicker: Keyboards, Synthesizer
Paul Schaffer, Bill Payne, Mike Mani: Keyboards
Randy Jackson, Randy Bishop: Bass, Backing Vocals
Stan Lynch, Jerry Marotta: Drums
Rick Marotta: Drums, Percussion
Lenny Castro: Percussion
Ernie Watts: Saxophone
Danny Kortchmar: Programming, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Julia & Maxine Waters, Terry Wood, Herbie Herbert: Backing Vocals


Out of print

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  1. Ray says:

    I would say the Randy Jackson playing bass would be the one that played for Journey during Raised on Radio, and was a judge on American Idol.

  2. AVisitor says:

    Dir ist beim verlinken leider ein fehler unterlaufen. Es ist nich das Debüt sondern : ERIC MARTIN – I’m Only Fooling Myself [Rock Candy remaster].

    Entschuldige bitte mein holpriges Englisch.

    Danke für deine tolle Arbeit und Webseite!

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