NERGARD – Eternal White (2021)

NERGARD - Eternal White (2021) full

Eternal White” is the upcoming new album from NERGARD, the star-studded project commanded by Norway-based songwriter Andreas Nergård, the first full-length release with very good label Pride & Joy Music .
Ten years after the release of the original Nergard EP, the album represents a shift away from the previous efforts’ super-group/metal opera approach to vocalists in the vein of Ayreon or Avantasia, and opts instead for a diverse but fixed group of male / female singers that are now full members of the band, including talented Swede Andi Kravljaca (Seventh Wonder). The ensemble is further enriched by guest Tim “Ripper” Owens (Iced Earth / Judas Priest) ripping it in ‘Now Barely Three’, one of the crown jewels in ‘Eternal White’.
This is a concept album telling the story of the Carolean Death March in 1719, when 3.000 Swedish and Finnish soldiers froze to death during the retreat from a failed attempt to invade Norway. But all are ‘song format’ tunes, randomly enjoyable as well.
The sound on display is not your typical Symphonic Metal as presented mainly by Dutch bands like Within Temptation or Epica. It draws inspiration from the many greats in the Melodic Hard Rock and Melodic Metal scenes in the Nordics instead.
And in this particular sub-genre, ”Eternal White” is among the best you’ll hear this year.


01 – God Forgive My Haunted Mind
02 – Pride of the North
03 – From the Cradle to the Grave
04 – Carry Me
05 – Beneath Northern Skies
06 – Where No One Would Shed a Tear
07 – Downfall
08 – Now Barely Three (feat. Tim “Ripper” Owens)
09 – Eternal White
10 – Erasing the Memories

Stefani Keogh – Vocals
Andi Kravljaca – Vocals, Guitar & Keyboard Solo in “Downfall”
Mathias Molund Indergård – Vocals
Ørjan Halasan – Rhythm Guitars
Tomas Nergård – Guitar
Andreas Nergård – Drums, Keys
Jon Tore Dombu – Bass


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