TESLA SHAMANS – Electric Storm (2021)

TESLA SHAMANS - Electric Storm (2021) full

Electric Storm” is the debut album from Italian hard rockers TESLA SHAMANS, formed in 2018 by ex members of the solid rocking act Mr. Riot. Their musical delivery is influenced by the ’80s style from the genre with early ’90s bluesy, groovin’ driven guitar riffs and spiced by well placed synths wisely combined with a modern sound production.
We hear touches from the darker side of Motley Crue, 1991’s Skid Row, some Zakk Wylde swirling solos, and a bit of Lynch Mob and Crazy Lixx. But TESLA SHAMANS has their own vibe, with melody as main focus and a punchy attack.

The guys have a rebellious attitude as well; you gotta have balls to open your debut album with a song titled ‘Your Shit’, a full throttle rocker. But as said, TESLA SHAMANS are very melodic, something evident with following track ‘Believe’, one of the best songs on the album.
‘Wasted’ is pretty heavy n’ groovy showcasing the band skills, especially Paul Gun’s impressive riffs and scorching solo.

‘Down on the Road’ is quite commercial, almost funky and catchy, while on ‘A Way’ appears the band’s bluesy side for a strong mid-paced tune embellished by keys. ‘The Lady in Black’ adds synths into the mix resulting into a modern melodic hard rocker with a certain Scandi feeling. Again, the guitar work kills.
For ‘Prayer’ they go for a darker sound although that classic ‘Oh-Ohhs’ appear into the chorus, traditional hard rocking riffs drive ‘Fire’ home, while a Motley / Skid Row atmosphere permeate thru ‘Shamans’.
They close the CD with ‘The Lie of the Mind’, a another hard rocker with some modern elements, broken riffs and angry attitude.

“Electric Storm” is a solid, varied, very well executed and produced debut album from TESLA SHAMANS, plenty of ideas, cleverly mixing the traditional hard rock style with a modern approach.
A band to keep an eye on in the future.
Highly Recommended


01 – Your Shit
02 – Believe
03 – Wasted
04 – Down on the Road
05 – A Way
06 – The Lady in Black
07 – Prayer
08 – Fire
09 – Shamans
10 – The Lie of the Mind

Steve Crow – vocals
Paul Gun – guitars
Tom – bass
Bellix – drums


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