NEONFLY – The Future, Tonight (2021)

NEONFLY - The Future, Tonight (2021) full

Good things have been forecast for UK rockers NEONFLY for a fair old while now, and whilst the band have certainly secured some high profile gig action in their time, they don’t seem to have been able to make the step up in class that’s been expected of them amongst those in the know… That could be about to change in 2021 with new album – their first in seven years – ”The Future, Tonight”.
NEONFLY is one of the most innovative bands from the British rock scene, and with this new album pushes the boundaries even more, mixing the best from old Eighties / Nineties with the new, fresh sounds of today. Always melodic but powerful, NEONFLY has a lot to say musically here, and it’s a very good speech.


01. This World Is Burning
02. Last Of Our Kind
03. Flesh And Blood
04. The Future, Tonight (ft. Bjorn Strid)
05. Beating Hearts
06. More Than A Lifetime
07. Another Eden (ft. Kaan Tasan)
08. Steal The World (ft. Kaan Tasan)
09. Final Warning
10. The Things We Left Behind

Paul Miller – Bass
Frederick Thunder – Guitars
Willy Norton – Vocals
Dec Brown – Drums


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