TUFF – What Comes Around Goes Around… Again! [unreleased + re-recorded songs]

TUFF - What Comes Around Goes Around… Again! [unreleased + re-recorded songs] full

To celebrate the 25 years since TUFF hit Sunset Strip in Hollywood California, the band recorded “What Comes Around Goes Around… Again!”, including re-recordings of some songs from their Atlantic Records celebrated debut album but now with a laundry list of ’80s hair metal stars appearing throughout such as Stephen Pearcy (RATT), George Lynch (DOKKEN), Jaime St. James (BLACK N’ BLUE), Steve Brown (TRIXTER) and many more.
Also included are a half dozen of the band’s earliest demos (remastered) that feature the “classic hair band” line up of TUFF, Stevie Rachelle – Vocals, Todd Chaisson – Bass, Jorge DeSaint – Guitars & Michael Lean on Drums.

“We had some tunes back in the day that use to be fan favorites, and this time around we added them. “Put Out Or Get Out” is us putting the ‘metal’ back in ‘hair metal’” says the youngest Chaisson with a bass.
Todd Chaisson comes from a family of bass playing brothers, all with Metal roots. Oldest brother Greg Chaisson played in BADLANDS with Jake E. Lee, and Kenny Chaisson with KEEL.

Also we have “What Comes Around Goes Around” – the song didn’t even make the album with the same name. ”Not sure why, but it missed the cut yet we kept the title” Rachelle adds. The title track also features world renown shredder Jeff Loomis on lead guitar and Stephen Pearcy (RATT) on some classic backgrounds.

An energetic, fun romp through the ’80s / early ’90’s bringing back good times and memories. After all this time, these guys still sound great!
Highly Recommended


1. Good Guys Wear Black feat. George Lynch & Jaime St. James
2. All New Generation feat. Steve Brown
3. I Hate Kissing You Goodbye feat. Keri Kelli
4. So Many Seasons feat. Michael Raphael
5. What Comes Around Goes Around feat. Jeff Loomis & Stephen Pearcy
6. Put Out Or Get Out feat. Howie Simon & Lizzy DeVine
Re-Mastered Demos:
7. Round ‘em Up (1988)
8. Summertime Goodbye (1988)
9. Want Trouble? You Got It (1988)
10. Down On Sinner Street (1989)
11. Forever Yours (1989)
12. Ain’t Worth A Dime (1989)
Bonus Tracks:
13. Move Along
14. So Many Seasons (Piano Version)

Stevie Rachelle – vocals
Todd Chaisson – bass
Jorge DeSaint – guitars
Michael Lean – drums



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