WITHIN TEMPTATION – Shed My Skin + The Silent Force Tour [full show reissue 2021]

WITHIN TEMPTATION - Shed My Skin + The Silent Force Tour [full show reissue 2021] full

As happens with many current bands fully independent, WITHIN TEMPTATION opted to release 3 singles every year, 6 in two years and eventually a potential album release. The direct goal is to release new tracks more consistently, resulting in both the band and the fans being at the forefront of fresh, newly composed music.
Shed My Skin“, a collaboration with German band Annisokay, is the new standalone single to appear June 25th, which adds to the recent ‘The Purge’ and ‘Entertain You’.
Additionally, WITHIN TEMPTATION are releasing their 2005 live performance “The Silent Force Tour” for the very first time on digital platforms – previously only a physical CD release, now out of print.


New singles:
01 – Shed My Skin (feat Annisokay)
02 – The Purge
03 – Entertain You

The Silent Force Tour [full show reissue 2021]:
01 – Deceiver of Fools (Live)
02 – Stand My Ground (Live)
03 – Jillian (I’d Give My Heart) (Live)
04 – It’s the Fear (Live)
05 – Forsaken (Live)
06 – Angels (Live)
07 – Towards the End (Live)
08 – Memories (Live)
09 – Intro (Live)
10 – See Who I Am (Live)
11 – Aquarius (Live)
12 – Pale (Live)
13 – Jane Doe (Live)
14 – Caged (Live)
15 – Mother Earth (Live)
16 – Candles (Live)
17 – The Other Half (Of Me) (Live)
18 – Ice Queen (Live)

Sharon den Adel – Vocals
Robert Westerholt – Guitars
Stefan Helleblad – Guitars
Ruud Jolie – Guitars
Martijn Spierenburg – Keyboards
Mike Coolen – Drums



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