ROSEMARY BUTLER – Rose +1 [CD release]

ROSEMARY BUTLER - Rose +1 [CD release] full

You know her voice… while the name ROSEMARY BUTLER never has been a household name as solo artist, this talented singer, vocal teacher & performer has provided back-up vocals for countless ’80s studio albums / artists from Paul McCartney or David Foster to Kenny Loggins and Cher, have all been graced by her voice. Blessed with a four-octave mezzo-soprano range, her vocal expertise is a technical marvel.
ROSEMARY BUTLER had the chance to record this solo album “Rose” in 1983, and according to the year, with that polished production sound, class songwriting contribution by the likes of Billy Steinberg / Tom Kelly, Clif Magness, etc, and a cast of top session musicians.
As requested, here’s “Rose” CD reissue plus a 0dayrox extra song from a Japanese movie soundtrack.

“Rose” was released by Capitol Records, originally planned and released only for Japanese market in 1983. In those days, Rosemary Butler was very active in Japan with 3 Japanese movie theme songs such as “Call Of The World” for the movie “Winning Run” and/or “Children Of The Light” for the animated movie “Genma Taisen”, or “Riding High”, for the ”Dirty Hero” soundtrack, that we added here as extra.

All but two songs are uptempo pop-rock / radio friendly AOR numbers, which I would compare favorably with Pat Benatar’s 80s catalog or perhaps Quarterflash. The ballads are where she really gets a chance to shine. She’s a gifted singer, and it sounds like she’s really having fun.
Magic Records reissued the album in 2000 on CD in France, whit the tracklisting different from the original Japanese version.
A solid effort overall, and well worth the price of admission.


01 – Through Different Eyes
02 – What You Really Want
03 – Tears in the Night
04 – You Light Up the Night
05 – Call of the Wild
06 – Imagination
07 – Just Can’t Let Go
08 – Choto Mate
09 – Take the Floor
10 – First to Know
0dayrox extra:
11 – Riding High (Dirty Hero soundtrack)

Rosemary Butler – vocals
Michael Boddicker – keyboards, piano
Michael Ruff – keyboards, synthesizers
Steve Leonard – keyboards
Mark Goldenberg – keyboards, synthesizers, guitars
Craig Doerge – keyboards, piano
Bill Payne – keyboards, synthesizers
William “Smitty” Smith – keyboards, organ
Andrew Gold – guitars
Josh Leo – guitars
Snuffy Weldon – guitars
Peter Bernstein – bass
Bob Glaub – bass
Kenny Edwards – bass
Brian Garofalo – bass
Michael Botts – drums
Harry Stinson – drums
Cliff Magness – backing vocals
Linda Ronstadt – backing vocals
Nicolette Larson – backing vocals
Doug Haywood – backing vocals
Arnold McCuller – backing vocals
Eric Lowen – backing vocals
Debbie Pearl – backing vocals
Max Gronenthal – backing vocals



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