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WALL OF SILENCE - Shock To The System [Japan edition] lossless full

As requested, here’s the awesome, stupendous WALL OF SILENCE only album “Shock To The System” in its Japanese edition. This incredible Canadian Melodic Rock / AOR band featuring ex members of The Works and Mannequin delivered an album that still today is considered one of the best in the genre.
Being produced by genius Streets / Steelhouse Lane guitarist Mike Slamer, you know what to expect here: pristine but punchy bright, glossy late ’80s sound and ton of catchy melodies, FM radio harmonies and lots of keyboards / synths.

Al over the 10 gold tracks here – no a weak moment in sight – ex The Works singer Brian Malone soar with an intensity that will leave you positively breathless.
Midtempo opener title track “Shock to the System” perfectly matches what is expected from a classic AOR / MR tune, elegant arrangements, stupendous playing and a huge chorus. Next track, the thrilling “Edge of a Heartbreak”, sees the guitars getting more presence and again, there’s a monstrous chorus (it must be heard to be believed).
“Last Nite” is hooky, “Blood Is Thicker Than Water” is a midtempo AOR ballad to die for, while the impressive, incredibly catchy “Addicted” is a melodic rock winner.

“Prove Your Love” is quite atmospheric in its AOR melody, followed by the high energy big rocker “Skin and Bones” on which the keyboards sound quite bluesy, and with “Nobody’s Hero” there’s room for a melodic hard rocker full of charm, Malone’s vocals make wonders.
Every AOR album need a ballad. Wall Of Silence don’t let us down in this department with the poignant “It’s Only Love” (co-written by Phil Naro) and “Stop the Rain”, a power ballad with an impressive touchy melody.

This is the kind of melodic rock / AOR of all time we love so much: class, elegance, refined melodies… “Shock To The System” is must have album in your collection, a gem crying for a proper reissue, as this original release (this Japan press sound great) has been out of print for years.


01 – Shock To The System
02 – Edge Of A heartbreak
03 – It’s Only Love
04 – Last Nite
05 – Blood is Thicker Than Water
06 – Addicted
07 – Prove Your Love
08 – Skin and Bones
09 – Stop The Rain
10 – Nobody’s Hero

Brian Malone – lead vocals
Jim Huff – guitar
Stuart Zaltz – keyboards
Tim Harrington – bass
Scott Lucas – drums
Additional Musicians:
Mike Slamer – guitars
Sascha Red Sky – backing vocals
Mike Shotten – backing vocals
Al Van Wart – backing vocals
Matthew Gerrard – bass


out of print

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