MICHAEL JAHNZ – Project 313 (reissue 2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

MICHAEL JAHNZ - Project 313 (reissue 2021) *0dayrox Exclusive* full

With the release of the new RICHRATH 2021 album, frontman MICHAEL JAHNZ is also re-releasing his solo album from 2000, recorded after he left RICHRATH to start his solo career. Jahnz named his band – and the album – Project 3:13, based on the his and Gary Richrath “thing” which was a phenomenon they continuously found themselves seeing (3:13) and also referring to the time they would always find themselves in the studio, 3:13 am.
This album is a terrific collection of melodic rock tunes inspired by the ’80s in songwriting & production, in the vein of Tyketto, Mitch Malloy, Brett Walker and of course, REO Speedwagon.

A couple songs on this album already appeared on that RICHRATH first album, but they have been re-mixed and re-mastered to highlight Michael’s vocals which brings out a fresh, new perspective in those few songs that were re-done.
The new songs are much more melodic rock oriented than Jahnz work while in RICHRATH, plenty of superb harmonies and wrapped by a polished production. All are strong, but the triad of ‘Simple Minds’, ‘I Found In You’, ‘It’s Never Enough’ are simply gorgeous, adding an AOR touch to the proceedings.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Where I Play
02 – Thinkin’ About You
03 – Simple Minds
04 – I Found In You
05 – It’s Never Enough
06 – Today
07 – Angels Flyin’ My Way
08 – Hearts On Fire
09 – After All
10 – Murder By Suicide

Michael Jahnz – lead vocals & rhythm guitar
Todd Giffin – lead guitar
Jake Conner – bass
Ted Slaby – drums
Scott Weber – keyboards



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