MICK PAUL – Parallel Lives (2021)

MICK PAUL - Parallel Lives (2021) full

Longtime collaborator with ex-King Crimson David Cross Band, bass / guitar player MICK PAUL also has worked as session musician for many other artists. Now MICK is releasing his solo album “Parallel Lives“, as you imagine, a progressive rock affair but spiced with rock&pop elements and ‘song format’ tracks.
There’s several renowned friends collaborating here, like David Cross himself, drummer Craig Bundell (Steven Wilson), David Jackson (Van Der Graaf Generator), keyboardist Sheila Maloney (Radius) who also co-produced, and more.

“Parallel Lives” sounds pretty modern, however it doesn’t includes electronics like many new progressive albums. It’s a mixture where at places you have a song with poppy verses / choruses, at others fusion, at others melodic landscapes.

There’s two lead vocalists in Jinian Wilde and Dennis Mahon, and while MICK PAUL also sings in some songs, he’s mostly concentrated into his deep, pumping 4 & 8 string bass lines – including fretless. It’s Sheila Maloney’s keyboards, pianos, and synths painting the colorful melodies, alongside Paul Clark & Geoff Winkworth guitar work / solos.
Cross’ appears on ‘No Horizon’ playing some violin adding even more texture to this varied, always interesting album.
Highly Recommended


01 – Your Days
02 – Light Of Silence
03 – No Horizon
04 – Parallel Lives
05 – Beneath The Gate
06 – Uncharted Course
07 – One Way Conversation
08 – Cypher
09 – Swallows
10 – Comfort Zone
11 – Frozen Perspective
12 – Name On You
13 – Consigned to Reality
14 – Morning Skyline

Mick Paul – vocals, 6 & 8 bass guitars, guitar
Jinian Wilde, Dennis Mahon – vocals
Sheila Maloney – keyboards
Craig Blundell, Steve Roberts – drums
Paul Clark, Geoff Winkworth – guitars
David Jackson (Van Der Graaf Generator) – flute on 9
David Cross – violin on 3



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