RICHRATH – Only The Strong Survive ’92 [reissue 2018]

RICHRATH - Only The Strong Survive '92 [reissue 2018] full

As requested here’s the 1992 RICHRATH album “Only The Strong Survive“, long time out of print but recently reissued with a much better sonic output. Founded by original REO Speedwagon guitarist & songwriter Gary Richrath when he left the band at the end of the ’80s, RICHRATH was Gary’s vehicle to keep rockin’ as his former band did in its origins.
Unhappy with the pop-rock / AOR mainstream direction of REO Speedwagon, Gary Richrath left the band in 1989 after almost two decades together. He joined vocalist Michael Jahnz to co-wrote many songs, and with others penned with talented Tom DeLuca, assembled RICHRATH-the band, and released this album.
“Only The Strong Survive” is as well the title of one of the most rocking REO songs, of course penned by Gary Richrath and recorded here again.
This baby rocks, rocks hard with tons of melody, great guitars and polished harmonies.
Highly Recommended


01 – Tragedy
02 – Outlaws
03 – Where I Pray
04 – Today
05 – Searchin’
06 – Holly Would
07 – After All
08 – Captured
09 – Hearts On Fire
10 – In Your Letter
11 – Murder By Suicide
12 – Only The Strong Survive
13 – If The Nite Don’t Get’cha

Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar: Michael Jahnz
Guitar, Backing Vocals: Gary Richrath
Drums and Percussion: Tracy Martins
Bass Guitar: Jim Sorensen
Keyboards, Backing Vocals: Dave Fraser



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