TALES AND LEGENDS – Struggle of the Gods (2021)

TALES AND LEGENDS - Struggle of the Gods (2021) full

Incorporating mythology into metal has always been the bread and butter of the movement that has happily bobbed along for the last 40 years. This year has powerhouse vocalist Patrik J. Selleby (Bloodbound, Shadowquest) returning with his new project TALES AND LEGENDS who drop their debut album ‘Struggle of the Gods’ next month.
Selleby’s voice transposes perfectly to TALES AND LEGENDS as the band (Italian members) deliver something that is nothing short of brilliant regarding this genre / style: this modern, polished melodic metal with commercial power flourishes, musically ranging from Allen/Lande to Iron Maiden or Helloween, all wrapped by a top class production & mix.

This is a perfectly balanced album, half the songs full upbeat / half midtempo. There are quick fire guitars, some galloping rhythms and soaring vocals but also clean riffs, keyboard passages and melodic harmonies, that are coupled to an enjoyable story centering around Egyptian mythology that also takes in trips to Greece and Scandinavia.

Yep, ‘Tales…’ really goes all out as it pits Horus against Seth across an epic battlefield of music as tracks such as ‘The Seven Gates’, ‘Epic Ride of Horus’ and the immense closing title track would make any fan of Iron Maiden, Avantasia, Helloween eager for more.
Very strong material. Highly Recommended


01 – Creation Divine
02 – Epic Ride of Horus
03 – The Fighters
04 – Tales and Legends
05 – Holy Temple
06 – Land of Thunder
07 – The Seven Gates
08 – Return to Fly
09 – Flames of the Fire
10 – United Against the Enemy
11 – Struggle of the Gods

Patrik J Selleby – Vocals (Bloodbound, Shadowquest)
Nicola Piras – Bass (ex-Salem’s Lot, ex-Ryal)
Carlo Figus – Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Andrea Atzori – Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
Michele Sanna – Drums

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