BLACK ROSE – Game Of Souls (2021)

BLACK ROSE - Game Of Souls (2021) full

“Game Of Souls” is the new album from melodic hard rockers BLACK ROSE – a Swedish band (not to be confused with the U.K. act or any other group using the same name) originally formed back in 1990 with more than a few time lags between albums and line-up changes.
However since the last decade BLACK ROSE solidified as a band with the same personnel, and released new material on regular basis. This benefited the group’s consistency and you can hear that all over the strong 10-tracks on offer here.
While some tracks add metallic edge especially the rhythm guitar, essentially BLACK ROSE is classic Euro melodic hard rock. Old-school purveyors of this musical genre should find this album very enjoyable, spiced with occasional AOR touches and served with a clean production sound.

This is an album packed with cool hooks along with some nice nuances and fills on the guitars so that it isn’t all based solely on the vocals to keep the interest. This is all about well-crafted tunes, along with some strong solos to boot.
The band owes a lot to the ’80s days when bands like PRETTY MAIDS, EUROPE and SILVER MOUNTAIN ruled, they take these influences and undated the whole thing with their own style and a modernized sound.

“Game Of Souls” is yet another solid melodic hard rock album from a band that many will not have heard of but are definitely worthy of investigation. BLACK ROSE started in this ‘game’ more that thirty years ago and for sure they know how this genre/style should be written and played.
Highly Recommended


01 – The Fall
02 – We Fight
03 – Game Of Souls
04 – Omen
05 – Queen Of The Night
06 – Sacrifice
07 – Victory
08 – Find My Way In Time
09 – Love Is The Start
10 – We Stand Together

Jakob “Jacke” Sandberg – Lead Vocals
Thomas Berg – Guitars, Vocals
Anders Haga – Bass
Peter Haga – Drums



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